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Suddenly allergic to something. . .

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ScarletBear Sun 09-Aug-09 13:37:13

I have a severe allergy to grass pollen, so I know what an allergy feels like (I know it's not a cold in other words!).
Last night, I spent the night outdoors at a friend's house, and I got a nettle rash type thing on my legs from sitting on the grass. Although it itched like crazy, it went down pretty quickly.
I also got a runny nose, and couldn't stop sneezing. I took a fexofenadine when I got home, and this seemed to sort it, but it's back this morning, and my eyes have also started streaming. What could I be allergic to (I don't normally have any allergies at this time of year!). . .?

oneplusone Sun 09-Aug-09 13:46:37

sorry can't help you other than to say i have got the same thing! Recently (ie the last week or so)I have had hayfever type symptoms and yet i am not sure i have hayfever as i don't normally get it this time of year (i usually get it end may/bg june) and i keep hearing on the news that the pollen count is low.

I have no idea what i'm allergic to all of a sudden either. Could it be perhaps because of the weather (ie hot then cold then rainy then sunny etc) there are some allergens around that are not normally around right now?

Will watch this thread and see if anybody else has any answers. smile

KerryMumbles Sun 09-Aug-09 13:49:33

yes you can develop allergies at any point in time. I developed a severe allergy to pumpkin seeds in my 30s.

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