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hello, I have come off the pill, only to be greeted by horrible thrush like symptoms and soreness, and now remember I always used to get this

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ipiratethief Fri 07-Aug-09 18:31:33

before. I was on cerazette, and decided to come off it, becuase I had been on it 2 yrs. Stayed on it to regulate my hormones, as I have SPD and every period was cuasing real pian in my hips and pelvis. This pain is thru the instability in these areas exaccerbated my the hormones at the time of a period.

BUT, since day one of my period I am sore, down below. Tried using my mooncup, but that was pretty dire. Then moved to tampons.

My symptoms started before i used the tampons, so i am fairly sure they are not the culprit. Looking back (some 20 yrs or more) I have always had this sensitivity, and wondered if anyone else experiences this.

ipiratethief Fri 07-Aug-09 18:32:35

Just wanted to reiterate that the soreness, is only since my period started, it's like I am allergic to my period. sad

ipiratethief Fri 07-Aug-09 18:41:39

just been googling and found that some women are allergic to rayon, which can be found in some tampons and pads/liners? I felt the soreness before i used the tampon, but previous to this I had used a thin pad.

YET, i have used pads before, and this hasn't happened. Maybe its the hormones then??

Oh, and the pill I was on meant i'd had no periods at all for 2 yrs.

ipiratethief Fri 07-Aug-09 19:26:53

sore bump

bargainhuntingbetty Fri 07-Aug-09 19:30:12

No advice here but didnt want you thinking everyone was ignoring you wink hope someone helpful comes along soon.

ipiratethief Fri 07-Aug-09 23:47:00

late night bump

ipiratethief Sat 08-Aug-09 09:16:47


ipiratethief Sat 08-Aug-09 13:23:16


YesImSinister Sat 08-Aug-09 17:08:47

Some people are also sensitive to the bleaches used in both tampons and sanitary towels. Could it be that, do you think?

ipiratethief Sat 08-Aug-09 18:31:19

heyyy an answer, thankyou! Maybe could, i havebeen googling. it says sometimes a period alters the alkaline/acid down there too, and it seems quite a few women suffer from getting thrush with thier monthly.

YesImSinister Sat 08-Aug-09 19:32:50

here's a couple of web pages that might be useful

link 1

link 2

mrsdisorganised Sat 08-Aug-09 19:39:40

I get thrush at my 'time of the month' without fail every time, then it goes away! Fully sympathise but no help!

ipiratethief Sun 09-Aug-09 11:58:47

thanks, will look at those links, much appreciated.

mrsdisorganised, I sympathise, it's very sore isn't it. Do you use tampons?

Do you think that I may have aggrivated it, byu using sooper ooper tampons at the first sign of my period? Therefore drying myself out. i was just so surprised to see my af, and it's 2 yrs since i had one that i just used the larger ones cos I know in thepast (after dd) the smaller ones were totally useless.

ipiratethief Sun 09-Aug-09 12:04:11

after reading those links, I am going to be looking for rayon free, organic sanitarywear. Plus if I can go there, my mooncup will be making a comeback, when i establish my flow etc... This af only lasted 2.5 days, and was quite light.

mrsdisorganised Sun 09-Aug-09 12:07:21

No haven't used them for years, will be looking into the mooncup after dc5 is born. I am also prone to BV don't know if there is a link, have changed diet etc but haven't found a 'cure' as such!


ipiratethief Sun 09-Aug-09 12:10:34

Yes i had BV once, i wonder if this is it? Did a pessary on friday night, and have been applying cream. But omg my wee part hurts, it's like knives.

dc 5, you are lucky!!

mrsdisorganised Sun 09-Aug-09 12:15:37

Knives!! Couldn't have put it better!

Went to a homeopath who gave me a lavender mix pessary which worked well and avoiding sugar, yeast and drinking loads of water does help but doesn't completely get rid of it!

I'll be happy when dc5 gets here, never really relax until I see them!

ipiratethief Sun 09-Aug-09 12:20:36

A freind of mine has tried lots of things, she gets if quite often too.

i just totaly forgot how prone i was to getting thrush, i am hyper sensitve, and couldn't even look at a pair of nylon knickers if you paid me!!

Hmm being on the pill, did have it's bonuses!

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