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Please tell me about MRSA.

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PTA Fri 07-Aug-09 12:04:21

Eldery relative in long term care. Cousin visited last night and he was in a private room, normally in four bed ward but uses day room and dining room. Cousin was told he had MRSA but was being washed twice a day with a solution that will solve the problem. He has not been given any oral or intravenous medication but appears to be in isolation. His meals are being taken to him and he has been given a radio and small dvd player. Cousin was not asked to gown up or anything. I have looked for information on the internet but I don't think I need to be unduly concerned as he has no open wounds or sore. Or should I be more concerned? What questions should I ask the staff? Also was going to visit with ds1 and 2, should I take then or go alone? If I go alone what should I do to minimise risk of infecting them (if one exists)? Thanks in advance!

alardi Fri 07-Aug-09 12:46:37

I thought that the only risk of MRSA is to people who have recently had major surgery. It is common in the community, your DC may already have it.
How/Why did your relative get detected as having MRSA?

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