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Why has lochia stopped 5 days afer delivery?

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suwoo Thu 06-Aug-09 12:45:46

I haven't done my birth announcement yet, but will do so shortly grin.

Has elective section 7 days ago, and have had no lochia for 2/3 days.
Not sure when midwife due back to ask and can't see anything online.
I am on precautionary antibiotics for infection so hopefully not that.

Am breastfeeding (which is a whole other story grin)

traceybath Thu 06-Aug-09 12:51:21


I'm 2 weeks post elective and my lochia pretty much went down to nothing after a week. However 2 days ago it came back big time which i think is because i've been doing too much.

Do think you get less bleeding with an elective though.

Hope bf is going well i posted on a thread you had beforehand about worries you had.

suwoo Thu 06-Aug-09 12:57:28

I bled on and off for 10 weeks with my 1st section.

I'm worried I may explode hmm

belgo Thu 06-Aug-09 13:09:50

Congratulations! It's normal for lochia to stop and start but I'm concerned you don't seem to have a midwife whom you can ask?

Jackstini Thu 06-Aug-09 13:12:05

Congrats! my lochia was much less with an elective section - you may just be lucky smile
Will look out for your posts on bf-ing then if that's another story!

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