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Hip replacement anybody?

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gibba8 Wed 05-Aug-09 20:02:06

Has anyone had a hip replaced? I am 40 and really need a hip replacement. I have a 4 year old daughter and do not want/can not be laid up for long. Just wondered if this op is worth it and how long it takes to recover/drive again and return to work.

MummyElk Wed 05-Aug-09 20:04:42

they won't let you stay laid up for long, i worked in an orthopaedic ward a lot and we had to get hips and knee post ops up and about within 24 hours at the latest, and kept them walking along the ward until they were discharged home.
But it could be painful and non of them had 4yo's chasing after them etc!!
Hope someone with proper knowledge can post something more helpful.
Good luck with it

3seater Wed 05-Aug-09 20:16:46

Dh had one in his early 30s; he was laid up for longer than we expected as he got an infection so in hosp about two weeks I think; he was mobile quite quickly once recovered from that but still could not have looked after dd alone for quite a few weeks after op as was not mobile enough for that, but could do lots of 'sit and do' type activity with her.

He needed help with putting his socks on and became quite clever at managing to do/ carry things no/one handed as he had to use crutches for quite a while (least that is how I remeber it!)

I think that he was off of work for about three months in total. He did seem to have a lot of pain (he was told this type of op is more painful for a younger person) but is now pain free - which certianly wasn't the case before hand, so was very worth doing from that point of view.

Good Luck

ThingOne Thu 06-Aug-09 23:00:50

My 70 yr old mum is in hospital for this at the moment. Her booklet says allow 6-12 weeks to resume normal activities. But that will of course be better than the 'normal' she's had for the past few years.

I would make some arrangements for extra childcare. Is she at school? If so, can you try to get it scheduled for the start of a school term so you just need help with the school run for six weeks or so? Then maybe get a rota of other school mums/friends to come round after school to help, until your DH gets home from work?

I've been ill on and off for two and a half years, and once you get your head round needing and arranging help and childcare you can manage, honest!

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