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Endometrial Ablation.....having one soon, any experience on what to expect afterwards please

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cositjustisok Wed 05-Aug-09 12:59:36

Had my pre operation assessment this morning..I thought I would be told about the after affects and recovery time etc..but the nurse did not really know what to expect afterwards and was of little help..but she was lovely and reassuring. I am having it done on the 18th August and want to know how long DH should take of work to help with the children, also it is my daughters birthday on the planning a party..or if I am not up to that..then a meal out at least..(should be ok for that) and we are off to Flamingoland for the day on the loads of walking and rides etc etc. Then off on holiday to Flamingo land for the week at Bank holiday Will I be ok for all of these things or what should I take it easy on? Googling is scaring me and making me very aware of the anesthetic etc etc..and little on recovery time...Many thanks for your help

BodenGroupie Wed 05-Aug-09 13:06:10

If you do a quick search there was a thread about a month ago.

I had one 22nd June combined with a cystectomy and ovary removal. I had two weeks off work but felt pretty much OK within a week.

Just for the EA I think they say 48 hours recovery depending on how you are with the anaesthetic.

Good luck - any questions, I'm here (well, I'm at work, but need the occasional fix grin)

cositjustisok Wed 05-Aug-09 13:11:07

Hi Boden..yeah I posted on that thread too and have read it I was not he original poster thought I should start my own with some questions.

thanks for the quick answer re recovery time. I had heard that to take it easy due to risk of infection.....didn't know if white knuckle rides would be too much strain on my abdomen..if that make sense.

BodenGroupie Wed 05-Aug-09 13:17:28

LOL - wasn't really an issue for me except when DH was driving wink

I think the worst thing is usually the gas they inflate you with - my tummy looked like a spacehopper for a week so seatbelts were uncomfortable. It didn't stop me walking around or anything. I'd have thought unless your kids are very young, having DH around for 2 days after should be OK.

I did get an infection but it was external and cleared up quickly with anti-biotics.

I've got my post op check on Friday but I've felt fine since I went back to work. I think you can only wait and see, just don't overdo it.

cositjustisok Wed 05-Aug-09 13:29:28

Oh right then .... so 4 days after the op may not be a good idea to go to Flamingoland cos I would want to go on the rides....obviously need to be strapped in.. (jsut in case I follow your experience) I was going to take the 3 elder children and hubby stay at home with 4 year old...but think I will send him (its a group booking with a club that we are members off) with the kids and I will rest at home!!!!

thanks for your help boden.

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