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What does a post epidural headache feel like?

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hobbgoblin Tue 04-Aug-09 20:01:54

I don't get headaches. Have had a migraine twice in my life, related to hormones at the time.

I have had a headache for nearly 24 hours now, moderate to severe and was whole head, particularly eye area but now more right sided I think (hard to tell).

No migraine symptoms such as pulsing pain, visual stuff or nausea as I had previously.

Have upped fluids loads, am on codrydamol for phlebitis.

Any ideas what this might be? Codrydamol hasn't helped much but enough to allow me to get out of bed for a few hours at a time to feed DC etc.

Is 12 days post birth by the way.

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Tue 04-Aug-09 20:05:14

I had a lumbar puncture a couple of weeks ago, the headache was horrid. It did go when I layd(sp?) down, came back with nausea when I stood up. It was the whole of my head and lasted for 5 days in total. My GP gave me some codeine.

Give NHS direct a call though, it may not be related to your epidural. Do you have a fever?

Congratulations on your baby.

hobbgoblin Tue 04-Aug-09 20:10:52

Thanks fluffy.

Thank goodness she is a very easy baby so far!

I'm a little concerned about this being related to phlebitis ,i.e. infection or thrombosis.

I may have mild fever as have woken up with damp hair in the night and after dozing mid morning.

Have had septicaemia before so am alert for those symptoms (phlebitis can mean vein is infcted and mine probably is as it is red and travelling up leg) hmm

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Tue 04-Aug-09 20:13:24

Take your temp if you can.

Could you phone the post natal ward and ask them? It should be checked to be honest, just incase it's something that needs treating.

hobbgoblin Wed 05-Aug-09 10:07:16

Not been able to take temp yet. Still have headache. Is confined to right eye area now.

mosschops30 Wed 05-Aug-09 10:11:27

I would speak directly to the hospital, and leave a message for the anaesthetic team who saw you.
If you do have a headache related to you epidural they can rectify it,

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