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Any nutritionists out there? Digestive system feeling bleargh.

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Bucharest Tue 04-Aug-09 18:43:50

I know I read a thread a month or so back where some nutritionists were advising a Mner on immune-booster foods and supplements for her son/daughter who had been ill, but I can't find the thead...

I had h.pylori treated about 2 months ago- not quite convinced it's gone totally- (must go back to GP for test thingy) as i still have a few minor gastric-y issues- acidy feelings etc...Wanted really to give my whole system (especially the digestive one!) a bit of a boost...any recommendations? Wondered if the gastric issues I still have are due to stomach recovering from h.pylori or maybe minor ulcer from the bacteria still there? It's nothing major- just the familiar gnawing acidy sensation most days...(must admit last week or so has got worse again- to point of buying a box of omeprazole from Boots)

I've got some acidophilus and am taking manuka honey a few times a day and aloe vera juice (when I remember)

Ta muchly for any recommendations!

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