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Multinodular goitre

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deepbreath Mon 03-Aug-09 14:30:43

Has anyone else had one of these? What treatment did you have? If anyone medical could comment too, that would be helpful. TIA.

I've had a lump in my neck for months, it recently got much bigger and my G.P. gave me a fast track referral to a specialist. Tests showed it was just a multinodular goitre. Blood tests showed that my throid is working fine.

You can clearly see the lump, and the specialist took great delight in getting me to swallow repeatedly to show a medical student what it looked like! But it stops me from breathing if I lie down. It affects my voice, and also restricts what I can swallow. The pressure in my neck is making me feel dizzy, it feels as though someone is pinching my neck hard. On Friday, I had a letter from the specialist saying that they've discharged me because the biopsy result was satisfactory. With the problems I'm having, I thought they'd do something to decrease the size of the lump...

manitz Mon 03-Aug-09 15:07:19

hi, i have a nodule on my thyroid. i read that cancer is more likely in a single rather than multi and thye have suggested i have it out rather than biopsy as is too big to biopsy.

i am quite scared and suffering from anxiety a bit. you could ask to have it removed. i have some of the feelings you suggested re swallowing etc but am not sure if they are from the lump or from anxiety. i would def go back and ask for more advice. I just emailed my consultant with a list of questions for her to answer b4 i meet the surgeons. I will find out if she replies but perhaps you could do the same.

deepbreath Mon 03-Aug-09 15:57:28

Thanks for replying smile

I had an ultrasound guided FNA, they took lots of photos and they sampled some of the nodules. They didn't get a lot of fluid but there was enough for them to evaluate and give a diagnosis. My lump is mainly on my right side, and extends from my collarbone to just below my jaw. I've been back to my G.P. who just shrugged and said to go back if the lump feels hot!

I can understand how worried you must be, I hope that your operation goes well. Take care.

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