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Dry, sore, cracked eyelid...

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thatsnotmymonster Mon 03-Aug-09 09:39:15

Has anyone ever had this?

I have never had a problem with this before and in the last few weeks I suddenly got red cracks along the crease of my eyelid. I have been using E45, Vaseline intensive care, double base cream, emolient cream etc but just when it seems to be going it gets worse again.

About 2 days ago it had almost gone, then yesterday was a bit red so I moisturised more often and today my eyelid is thick. red and rough to touch.

What's going on and what can I do about it?

delllie Mon 03-Aug-09 11:55:29

I had something like this a couple of years ago on holiday, I went to a chemist for advice and they said not to put any creams on it but to dab it with cotton wool soaked in a saline solution (they actally gave me a couple of the saline vials you use to soak contact lenses in!!) and it cleared up in a couple of days.

hope this might help

alypaly Mon 03-Aug-09 14:08:37

cud be a reaction to a newmake-up..dermatitis or something called blepharitis. Use cooled bolied water to clean and get some ointment from chemist called simple eye ointment from the dispensary

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