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Pretty sure I've got Colitis, now what do I tell the Dr inorder to get referred? Bit of a long post, sorry.

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makeminealargeoneplease Mon 03-Aug-09 09:25:45

I'm 35, I've been assuming I've had IBS for the last 10 years, I've obviously been really embarrassed to tell anyone about the rather messy aspects blush of my disorder and so have just dealt with it and treated it as IBS (not even told DH I've been so embarrassed).

I didn't even know that Inflamatory Bowel exsisted until I started researching last night on the net.

I've noticed that certain foods make it worse (ie chocolate and instant coffee), but remarkably I've been craving pickled chili peppers which actually relieve it (!) this is what caused me to do some research, apparently chili peppers have anti-inflamatory properties, which caused me to think that maybe I have an inflamation of the bowel not an irritable bowel. Of course a quick google search led me to links all about IBD and Colitis and Crohns, the symptoms of Colitis are spot on with my symptoms. As I researched further everything just fell into place, even the minor details kept ringing bells - eg my symptoms started 10 years ago when I gave up smoking, I'm of European decent (apparently we are more prone) the stress, the 2 years of being a veggie gave me a straight run of relief, apparently red meat exasperates the problem, terrible joint pain that started about the same time, and that the doctors couldn't explain for a young lady of 25, and the list goes on.

I was in shock however when I read that left untreated for a long time (eg like 10 years as in my case!!)meant that there was a higher risk of Colon Cancer, and sometimes surgery is needed to remove part of the bowel - does this mean a colostemy bag? shock.

Of course this morning I have scheduled an appointment to see my doctor, however the next available appointment isn't until Tuesday 11 - a week tomorrow! Lots of worrying until then but what do I tell the doctor to get myself referred to a gastrologist. How do I tell her that I've diagnosed myself, I'm sure drs must think we are some cocky sods who just bypass 7 years of med school to diagnose themselves via Google! Whats the best way of going about this do you think? Inorder to not be palmed off as a hypochondriac does anyone have an experience of this disorder? I'd love to hear about other peoples experiences, how they were diagnosed, their treatment, how they live with it now etc. Sorry about the long post, I'm just a bit worried about this. sad

tinateaspoon Mon 03-Aug-09 18:43:11

Sorry I don't really have much to help you with this, but thought I would bump for you. I am v worried at the moment with change in bowel habits, bleeding and diarrhoea. Really don't want to think too much about it as there is the possibiliyt of herediary non polyposis colon cancer in my family. Really should have been tested for the gene but never got round to it. Now I am literally and metaphorically shitting myself. I don't think its colitis as I have no pain. Off to docs tomorrow. Hope someone can help put your mind at rest smile

moshie Mon 03-Aug-09 19:03:18

If you give the GP a full and frank list of all your symptoms she should think of colitis herself anyway. I presume that by 'messy aspects' of your disorder you mean passing blood and mucous, this would need investigating anyway.

Plonketyplonk Mon 03-Aug-09 19:36:39

Please forget your Google diagnosis until you have seen the doctor! There are lots of things that can go wrong with a colon and there are lots of tests they will run to see what the matter is. If you are bleeding in any way from your bum, you should see your doc ASAP. If you have lost weight, again, you need to see your doc.

I have colitis and I can eat whatever I like without causing a flare-up. Smoking or not seems to make no difference although there has been suggestion that nicotine may alleviate symptoms in some cases.

Colitis can be totally debilitating and can make you feel very very unwell.

When you go to the doc, they will take blood tests and if they can't diagnose the bleeding, you will be referred to your local gastro dept, where they may do all sorts of tests.

There is nothing shameful about having somthing wrong with your colon. Please don't be embarrassed!

difficultdecision Mon 03-Aug-09 19:48:03

Go in with an open mind and tell her all your symptoms (preferably chronologically) then tell her you are worried about IBD.

If you don't tell her the whole truth she can't work out what is going on. If you lie or manipulate the information to get a referral for what you think it is you could lead her to miss something more serious or more easily treatable and waste both your time. If you don't tell her you are worried about IBD she won't be able to put your mind at rest if your symptoms point to something else as she won't know that was your secret fear.

Don't worry, we are used to the 'messy aspects' and patients googling things. Just be honest and let her do her job.

maxybrown Sat 08-Aug-09 14:13:13

I have ulcerative colitis, it can be nasty.

Feel free to email me if you like

You can say anything you like to me without feeling embarrased or anything!!!! I am sure I will have been there/seen it already!!! I can tell you a story or two that might not make you feel so bad smile

If that is of any help, but you must see doc

jazzie7 Sat 08-Aug-09 21:34:57

I too have UC, have had for more than 10yrs which now puts me at a higher risk of bowel cancer! I'm presently going through a minor flare up as well (wind/mucus), not nice, especially cos it's during the school hols and the kids are wanting to do stuff and all I can think about when we go out "is how near is the toilet".

It is an embarassing illness and those who haven't suffered have no idea what it feels like to constantly live in fear of messing themself or actually having an "accident" in a public place.

Be 100% honest with your doctor. I'm now on maintenance medications (which are more like horse pills but have been on short courses of steroids over the years as well). I've also had various lengths of camera inserted into my back passage, it's not nice, but it's the only way to see what's happening inside. I sometimes wonder why docs want to do that for a living but I guess they're interested!

Someone I work with suffers from the UC as well so we share some interesting conversations and can actually laugh about it as well.

Take care & get yourself diagnosed with the doc for sure.

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