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Shineaholics Anonymous: For ladies who try not to lunch (on cold pizza). Join today, see your waist waste away!

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Sycamoretreeisvile Sun 02-Aug-09 17:07:40

I think this is thread 10. We are an unruly bunch of MNetters trying to shed a lot a little or just some pounds through a variety of methods. Others just trying to eat healthily.

Newcomers most definitely welcome, just be advised the post rate is insane so be sure to check in regularly!

Our hostess Ms Diamond will be along soon I'm sure.

harleyd Sun 02-Aug-09 17:12:15

<stomps round new thread>

marking my place, back tonite smile

alicecrail Sun 02-Aug-09 17:35:19

Thanks syc smile

(marking my place)

melmog Sun 02-Aug-09 17:41:20

How does this work then? Can I join? I have two pairs of jeans I'd love to get back into. I avoid scales like the plague though.
Does this guarantee weight loss?

RumourOfAHurricane Sun 02-Aug-09 18:01:25

Message withdrawn

bellavita Sun 02-Aug-09 18:24:22

<< marks front row seat >>

<< hides Maltesers >> grin

RumourOfAHurricane Sun 02-Aug-09 18:28:04

Message withdrawn

bellavita Sun 02-Aug-09 18:33:06


Oh, has Trills gone to her in-laws? When is she back?

SazzlesA Sun 02-Aug-09 18:36:00

Message withdrawn

SixtyFootDoll Sun 02-Aug-09 18:39:58

Wow Sazzles well done
I hve managed to lose 3 pounds in the last week jusst by cutting back a bit and exercising more.
Will be in Lanzarote in 2 weeks time so a great motivator

Jaquelinehyde Sun 02-Aug-09 18:42:50

Ooohhhh I do feel naughty posting on here butI'm feeling a little rebelious <must get out more>

Just wanted to mark my place really, but I'm having ishoooooooes with dinner choice and want to ask my sages but don't know which thread to do it on bugger!

bellavita Sun 02-Aug-09 18:42:52

Gosh, where are my manners..? Hi melmog smile

Jaquelinehyde Sun 02-Aug-09 18:47:10

<realises I to have no manners, don't think anyone noticed though>

Hi melmog!!! <waves enthusiastically and runs back to old thread>

Sycamoretreeisvile Sun 02-Aug-09 18:57:28

Welcome melmog.
SFD - I went to Lanzarote a month ago, had a lovely time.

Where are you headed? Hope you have self cater options as it was SOOOO expensive to eat out.

(good for diet)

LovingTheRain Sun 02-Aug-09 18:59:15

Wow, this is so fast paced, new thread already, am struggling to keep up. I think the pace is almost a constant jog!! grin Which of course I cannot keep up with till I shed the extra pounds!!

alicecrail Sun 02-Aug-09 19:05:59

LTR it isn't as fast as you would expect - there are still 40 odd posts left on the old thread. Everyone is getting over excited over a new thread wink

LovingTheRain Sun 02-Aug-09 19:08:33

Is there a limit on the number of posts a thread can hold? I didn't realise that blush

SixtyFootDoll Sun 02-Aug-09 19:13:23

Syc we are going to Playa Blanca
Luckily self catering wtih proper kitchen.
Was it really that bad?

SazzlesA Sun 02-Aug-09 19:22:45

Message withdrawn

RealityIsHavingAPartay Sun 02-Aug-09 19:23:33

Message withdrawn

Sycamoretreeisvile Sun 02-Aug-09 19:29:57

SFD, we had a GREAT holiday, also in Playa Blanca.

Hmm, yes, it was quite pricey but there was a netto right by our hotel lol, and we had a tiny kitchenette so managed our lunches self catered most days.

I think it was sazzles on this thread that gave me some good advice re budget and she was about right.

How long are you going for - how many of you and ages? Will see if I can give you an indication...

BitOfFun Sun 02-Aug-09 19:35:31

Re-posting (you'll have to add your own smilies!) from the old thread in case Reality missed me telling you all how marvellous she is...

I'm on the way home now, slightly worse for wear but not too bad...we got told off by the hotel for smoking out of the window ...I was pretty well-oiled it has to be said.

Reality throws a good party -we had a fantastic time. It's funny, but I really did feel like I'd known her for years after just a few glasses minutes! I can confirm that indeed she does have a top partner, nice house (though I forgot to check out the larder), sweetheart of a dad, beautiful children and a nice arse. All in all she should be Very Smug

Oh, and any girl who can sing as unashamedly badly as I do totally without inhibition in front of her musically trained DP on singstar is truly a kindred spirit...

Mamazon was stunning as ever, and unsurprisingly has gorgeous progeny who I wanted to take home with me. We had a great laugh baiting socialising with some of Reality's drunker relatives (Glass Munching Guy springs to mind), and I was heartily impressed at Mamazon's abilty to to be gracious and outgoing in a sea of inebriation while staying totally sober so she could drive (HUGE thanks for the lift!)

Is this sounding like the Oscars yet? I just had a lovely time, as did DP, and hopefully I didn't make too much of a twat of myself <<wonders if Reality's mum will tell her off for the obvious pissedness of her imaginary friends>>

It was a weekend of total excess, so I shall try to live modestly and healthily for the rest of the week, honest guvnor

Oh, and the food was AMAZING. I think Reality's mum did most of it and it was really impressive- none of your Iceland Prawn Rings and defrosted black forest gâteau... everything looked yummy and there were vegetables I hadn't even heard of . I had a good old slab of gorgeous raspberry/strawberry cream fluffy cake which I will probably dream about tonight <<channels Homer Simpson>>

RealityIsHavingAPartay Sun 02-Aug-09 19:38:53

Message withdrawn

SixtyFootDoll Sun 02-Aug-09 19:40:30

Wow BoF sounds like a great night.
Syc we are going for 14 nights, have 2 DS's aged 6 and 9.
If you have any useful info my email is
emnmart at tiscali(dot)co(dot)uk
We are hoping to get by without hiring a car, hiring bikes instead.
Do you know if there is a water park on the island>

melmog Sun 02-Aug-09 19:42:52

Oh, I feel all warm and welcomed aleady!

I've seen your name on lots of threads shiney, I think you said "lol melmog" once. That's my proudest mn moment so far! blush

I'll be naughty again as you lot seem to be so quick that by the time I've found the old thread it'll be full up!

I'm just about to tuck into a giant rib of beef, but will be having early, good teas for the rest of the week. Going on hols on Friday so have a deadline.

Thanks again for the lovely welcomes.

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