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horrible burning pain all the way into my stomach when I drink hot liquids/eat hot food

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LackaDAISYcal Thu 30-Jul-09 15:04:59

I've also been feeling quite nauseous recently and get stomach pains just after I've eaten or if my stomach is empty.

I've had a google but didn't come up with anything definate.

I recently had gallbladder surgery though and I suppose I'm worried it's a complication of that.

alypaly Thu 30-Jul-09 15:07:55

think we have been on another thread b4 together.
I had mine out 6 weeks ago and i am exactly the same. Rotten isnt it.

LackaDAISYcal Thu 30-Jul-09 15:22:04

we were alypaly smile

do you think it's to do with the gallbaldder then? I had mine out in February, but this has only been happening for a few weeks...or at least I've only noticed it recently, but maybe that's because mow my DS2 is older I can actually get to drink a cup of tea whilst it's still hot!

alypaly Thu 30-Jul-09 16:52:16

Saw my consultant yesterday, cos i had a gastroscopy due to the continuing pain after op. He has actually been very thorough and has done lots of test since op and spoken to me on the phone when i was really worried about the pain.
He said stomach lining and duodenum were not inflamed so he said there was little point in taking antacids or lansoprazole or omperazole as they wud just upset the normal equilibrium in the stomach.Cos they neutralise acid and bile is actually they are actually no use for bile related indigestion..apparently
Wat he did say was that i was over producing bile which happens in some people and unfortunately that was making me nauseaus.
I was getting really bad stomach pains within 5 -10 mins of eating and occasions it nearly double me up. It was like a hot knife being drawn thro my abdomen,just below my sternum. Where is your pain? Have u had a gastroscopy to check for ulcer.Wat he also said was that occasionally a stone escapes during the op and can go into the pancreatic duct which is about 1 cm away from bile duct and they can check to c if that has happen by putting a tiny camera in.He said he will do that if the pain persists.
IF you are reacting to tea...that has caffeine in it and if the pancreas is a little angry it can react to tea,coffee, fats and other things like too many carbs. I also emailed a fantastic surgeon called Mr Aali Sheen who is a specialist in pancreato-biliary surgery here in manchester and he was so helpful
I didnt have pain like this b4 the op so i can only put it down to something that has changed in the last 5 weeks, which is the amount of bile that is now obviously dripping out all the time rather than being stored in a gall bladder. I found if i ate half sized meals every two hours it really helped. I felt like death warmed up 2 weeks ago and i have stuck to this regime for 2 weeks.
I got a bit braver yesterday and had a small portion of tikka and i seem 2 b ok so far.

LackaDAISYcal Thu 30-Jul-09 18:10:26

gosh ali, sounds horrible.

This is more heartburny, so I'm wondering if it's something like a haitus hernia?

I know someone who had the gallbladder op and she now can't tolerate fats of any kind due to the excessive bile she is producing, where I've had no problems eating whatever I like since the op, at least until this started.

I'll see how it settles and will perhaps leave off the tea and coffee for a bit. I'm off on hols on Saturday and if it's still bad when I get back I'll go and see my GP.

alypaly Thu 30-Jul-09 18:25:57

Have you lifted anything heavy.If it was hiatus hernia it would react to cold food and hot food and fatty things as my best friend has a hiatus hernia. He cant eat curries, fat or cream.. You dont want a Hh believe me. Have you been given anything by doc at all.
3 days after my op i had a bad pain right in the centre like indigestion,heartburn, and thats what i thought it was cs i hadnt eaten that much prior to or just after the op. Not had such acute pain since a nd things do seem to be settling but not as fast as the consultant wud like.
But Im goin on hols too ,to Halkidiki Yahoo. booked the hols for the food and the sport so i am hoping i can do both without any probs

LackaDAISYcal Thu 30-Jul-09 21:27:18

hmm, it seems to be reacting to all those things when I think about it. Certainly the effect of drinking hot drinks is worse after I've eaten fatty foods if that makes sense.

I'll monitor it and see how it goes.

I hope you are OK for your holiday, but don't overdo the sports! It was about three months after my op that I felt comfortable with any stretching of mytorso as I could really feel the internal stitches in my middle wounds; the side ones were fine.

alypaly Fri 31-Jul-09 00:17:21

my consultant told me prior to my op that i shud b able to play gentle badminton after 5 weeks.( and he wasnt wrong) Although i still didnt feel well, i pushed myself to go and this tuesday was my second time playing and i was virtually able to smash properly.( not really had any pain from the actually incisions although i stretched regularly to try and prevent adhesionssmileThink it must have helped......... I was so pleased as i just adore badders and play to a county standard and i was missing it so much. I am sure playing has helped me on the road to recovery as i did feel awful a couple of weeks ago. Never thought i wud play again,in fact i felt ready to kick up my heels if the truth be known, as i couldnt eat properly and the second love of my life is coooking and eating good food..... gall bladder removal has been my worst nightmare..

BottySpottom Fri 31-Jul-09 21:22:22

Sounds like an ulcer to me sad. I'd go to the Dr if I were you.

alypaly Sat 01-Aug-09 00:13:08

cud just be as simple as reflux as that can be really painful, to the point of feeling like a heart attack and it burns like hell too.

Try some Gaviscon liquid or Gastrocote tablets and see if they helpsmile

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