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starshaker Mon 23-May-05 17:44:19

im prob being paranoid but cant help it. dd has done nothing but cry all day today seems that she has wind but i cant get her to bring it up tried everythin i know including colocynth granules. dont know what to do now shes in so much pain bless her and i cant do anything to make it better

swiperfox Mon 23-May-05 17:48:10

How have you been winding her? A little girl was like this at the nursery i used to work at and the thing that worked a treat was to lie her across our knees on her belly and then rub her back...... if you haven't tried it might be worth a shot!

assumedname Mon 23-May-05 17:50:10

Walking upstairs with her against your shoulder?

starshaker Mon 23-May-05 17:50:12

tried on her back her front over my shoulder on hip accross arm nothing is helping

starshaker Mon 23-May-05 17:50:43

live in a bungalow

assumedname Mon 23-May-05 17:54:48

Lying her down on top of your tummy?

starshaker Mon 23-May-05 19:07:45

she still screaming she with her daddy now to give me a wee break i feel so crap cos i cant help her

assumedname Mon 23-May-05 19:08:37

Put her in the pushchair and go for a walk - if you think it might not be wind?

Twiglett Mon 23-May-05 19:08:58

how old is she?

SoupDragon Mon 23-May-05 19:09:06

Face down over your arm and swing her from side to side?

starshaker Mon 23-May-05 19:09:43

shes 4 weeks sure its wind she keeps pulling her legs up

starshaker Mon 23-May-05 19:10:46

been told cooled boiled water wish sugar but dont really want to start with sugar does any1 else know if its ok to give 4 wk old

Twiglett Mon 23-May-05 19:11:12

have you tried lying her down on her back for a couple of minutes and stroking her belly in a an anti-clockwise direction (gently but firm pressure)

then try usual winding techniques again

SoupDragon Mon 23-May-05 19:11:14

breast fed or bottle? Only asking because if it was breast, you might have eaten something that disagrees with her.

starshaker Mon 23-May-05 19:13:58

shes bottle fed have tried lying her down she just screams harder like shes in extreme pain

hunkermunker Mon 23-May-05 19:16:20

I wouldn't give water or sugar to such a young baby.

Can you try holding her tightly, diagonally upright iyswim, facing outwards, jiggling her and going "shhhhh" in her ear, quite loudly? If she has a dummy, get her to suck that, if not, put your clean thumb in her mouth. Worked a treat when it all got a bit much for DS - although if it is wind, it may not.

sunchowder Mon 23-May-05 19:17:39

Is it new formula for her? If so, and the new formula is iron-enriched it could be that. I am here in the US and we have an anti-gas remedy called simethicone for babies--I think my DH used to give his kids "gripes" water? I feel for you, my DD had to have pre-digested formula which was very expensive over here, it was called Nutramigen, but it helped alot. I hope she feels better soon.

nutcracker Mon 23-May-05 19:20:37

We used to hold ours under their arms and let the rest of their body hang down so that they were stretching out. Didn't always work but a couple of times it worked spectacularly.

giraffeski Mon 23-May-05 19:22:12

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Mon 23-May-05 19:24:23

I think it's Infacol too.

starshaker Mon 23-May-05 20:58:35

tried loads of stuff just called doc and mentiond a couple of other things and weve to take her to the hosp. dp thinks im being stupid but she doesnt cry like this ever shes is normally so happy and settled im just really worried bout her

hunkermunker Mon 23-May-05 20:59:49

Starshaker, am crossing my fingers that it's nothing, but think you're doing the right thing to get her checked. Hospitals would rather see a healthy baby than not see a poorly one so don't worry.

Huge hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

starshaker Mon 23-May-05 21:00:54

thanx would rather be safe than sorry

spod Mon 23-May-05 21:02:53

Message deleted

starshaker Mon 23-May-05 21:05:32

she hates a bath so it would just upset her even more will just see what docs say

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