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Food Poisoning Scare

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topsyturveymum Thu 30-Jul-09 10:50:01

I cooked some chicken breasts (2) last night. Usually cook them open on a baking tray, but had them in the fridge in a glass pyrex covered in foil, so just put that in the oven at 220 for approx 35 mins.
When I took them out, I cut them through and there was no pink juices- they looked cooked, just more moist than normal, I concluded as they had been done under foil, they'd not got so dry. I usually like my chicken on the overcooked dry side, but have been watching Masterchef where contestants have been critisized for overcooking and drying out chicken - Greg thingy is always going on about 'lovely, moist chicken'- so I was happy mine was cooked and Ok last night.
Got to the last mouthful and noticed that there were some really red looking stringy bits (like blood vessels?) in my portion although the chicken around these red bits looked moist, but cooked (not jelly like raw looking at all).
This morning have had the runs a bit - think this could be nerves as am panicking the chicken wasn't quite cooked - although hubby said his was fine and has been reassuring me it was OK.
Has anyone come across these vessels in chicken before - they were really quite red looking? Would you say I cooked it long enough?
Also, if I am in for a dose of food poisoining, would I have had really bad symptoms by now. Can anyone put my mind at ease?

Sheeta Thu 30-Jul-09 10:53:59

how long had they been in the fridge for? I think it'll be OK.. it sounds like they were cooked through.

I think if you'd got food poisoning you probably would know about it by now..

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