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blocked ear

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defyinggravity Wed 29-Jul-09 20:13:58

I'm on holiday at the moment and for the past day or so my left ear has been completely blocked. I've tried putting drops in and so far no good. I feel like I'm talking under water all the time and its miserable. Any ideas to sort it out quickly?

LadyIsabella Wed 29-Jul-09 20:30:32

I had this recently, in fact I suffer from it and have had my ears syringed several times. While waiting to get them done again, I tried Otex (?) ear drops, in 2 days my hearing was perfect and I cancelled the app with the nurse. Brilliant! much better than olive oil, I really recommend it.

defyinggravity Sat 01-Aug-09 01:19:55

thanks for the reply. last night I had one final go with the ear drops and then used some warm water and it loosened the wax and I can hear perfectly again now! I have to admit to shoving cotton buds in my ears before now but won't be doing that again in a hurry. (smile)

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