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Anyone using Implanon as contraception?

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coozer Sun 11-May-03 14:01:46

Hi Girls,

I am interested in finding out about Implanon as a method of contraception. Have any of you any experiences of it and how do you find it? I've read the leaflets on it and am thinking about giving it a try. My baby is now six months old.
Thanks, Tor

misty Mon 19-May-03 20:50:44

Hi coozer

I had Implanon fitted about 9 months ago and apart from irregular periods for the first 4/5 months (none at first, then on every couple of weeks, now roughly every 4 weeks) have had no problems (apart from when you fall down the stairs and bang the inside of your arm where the implant is on the banister whilst trying to stop yourself! agghh...)It is sooooo lovely not having to think of contraception at all, sometimes I forget I have it fitted and panic for a few seconds!!! As long as you are fit and healthy (well relatively speaking - I have high blood pressure but because it is such a low dose, no problems) you should be fine.

Nome Fri 23-May-03 09:57:43

Is Implanon like Norplan? I had Norplan for 4 and half years. Five rods under the skin of my upper right arm. Didn't think about it at all until it got close to the best before date and I had to find someone to take it out. It was much easier to find someone to put it in! Maybe two or three heavy periods a year with Norplant. Fantastic! Am now in long term family planning situation (another one, should we / shouldn't we...) so have switched to the Depo Provera injections. Also fantastic... Much better than forgetting the occasional pill!

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