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Anyone found it very very painful when having a coil fitted ?

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maltesers Tue 28-Jul-09 22:24:53

I had a coil fitted last year and found it was very painful. It brought tears to my eyes and i eventually ended up crying. I could have done with some Gas and Air....really. A gynaecologist i saw once says you can have gas and air when having the coil fitted...wish i could have has this. I had mine fitted in my GPs surgery by a female GP...but god it hurt. Like childbirth, cramps. Am i alone or is this common ?? Dreading the day i have to have it out..will it hurt as much, can i have gas and air. ?? I did have a previous coil fitted many years ago under anaesthetic during a n operation and then had it out at my Gps. It ached a bit but nothing like having my present one fitted.
Your thoughts and comments welcomed.

MovingOutOfBlighty Tue 28-Jul-09 22:27:05

Yes, had a coil fitted under local by a gynae in the end as the GP had a nightmare trying 1st as apparently I had a 'tight os'???

Think its because I have only had CSs and not natural births.

It was done with dental injection and I didn't feel a thing with that.

fruitstick Tue 28-Jul-09 22:30:40

By god it smarted! I had the local injections and that nearly made me cry.

Had to eat 3 bars of green and blacks to recover.

Littlefish Tue 28-Jul-09 22:33:04

I cried when I had mine put in. It was called a "Gynaefix" and is basically stitched into the neck of the cervix. I was nearly sick!

mortica Tue 28-Jul-09 22:33:50

I had same problem when i had mine fitted. I had bad cramps after and was doubled in pain. Didnt hurt as much when had it removed. Although reason i had it removed was because i was having pain everytime i bent over, turns out it had came out. Nice eh.

Didnt have another one.

mummy241 Wed 29-Jul-09 01:49:27

i had a coil fitted yesterday! an OMG did it hurt . def brought tears to my eyes and then started crying. had it put in at my local family planning clinic. she said it may hurt a lil she was lying . really could of done with some gas an air!! ive had 2 previous CSs maybe thats why because never given birth! felt like contractions. and now thinking about having it out. that cant hurt as much can it!!!! im never having one again very painful..!! since having it put in im having really bad cramps an a lil bit of bleeding. your comments welcome....

SecretSlattern Wed 29-Jul-09 02:19:20

I developed pelvic inflammatory disease after having mine put in (pre DC) and was doubled over in agony (literally) and admitted to the hospital where it was quickly whipped back out again.

They are awful things and I would never ever have another one ever.

melmog Wed 29-Jul-09 06:00:13

I haven't had one myself but I vividly remember going with my Mum to the gp to have hers fitted. I was probably 13/14. She came out crying and I helped her to the car but she passed out on the way.

It put me off to put it mildly.

Going to book dh in for the snip.

Plonketyplonk Wed 29-Jul-09 09:41:50

What horror stories! It doesn't hurt at all, or shouldn't hurt to take it out. It shouldn't hurt that much to put one in,if the doc is experienced. Cramping is pretty normal and bleeding. I was advised to take some paracetemol or coedine a bit before I went in for my appointment, and then again afterwards.

Qally Wed 29-Jul-09 12:30:24

I had one fitted when I was 18 as emergency contraception at a family planning clinic. No pain relief, no warning it would hurt. It did - so, so much more than childbirth contractions eventually did. They had to close the consulting room for a while as I wasn't able to walk. I never knew you could physically remember pain, normally I can't, but I would feel sick and trembly just thinking about it months later. I was determined I couldn't cope with having kids, because they lied and said it was the same as one contraction. hmm

mortica Wed 29-Jul-09 13:20:40

My Dr wanted me to have another one fitted after mine came out but i soon told her she can forget it. Never ever again. Its just sadistic.

LilRedWG Wed 29-Jul-09 13:25:00

Agony, even with a local.

mrsmerryweather Wed 29-Jul-09 17:36:07

I had 1 fitted and it hurt a lot- and I have dental work without any local ans.

The 1st coil wouldn't go in- so he had to swap to another sort mid-insertion. He asked if I had had C section ( no was the answer)

I then bled for 3 weeks non stop, plus a period- and eventually thought enough was enough. I had it removed and the dr at the FPA said it was half out anyway- great! That bit was totally painless.

mummy241 Wed 29-Jul-09 20:06:15

well i had mine out yesterday. couldnt cope with pain anymore. so whent to my local GP and not family planning clinic again
and she said i shouldnt have felt the amount of pain i did. an that it was sitting wrong in my womb!! i knew something wasnt right. but its not fair if their are docs putting coils in if they are not experienced. but didnt hurt at all having it out.but i will never have another one again really put me off . they are straight forward to have . i just think it depends how much experience the doctor has putting them in....!!

honeydew Thu 30-Jul-09 00:13:01

I had the non hormonal coil in last year and bloody hell it hurt. They DON'T tell you just how much either. I've had 3 kids - one natural and two sections.

I was NOT prepared for the pain when they clamp it onto your cervix! I had it done at my doctor's surgery and to be honest , the lady was very professional. I had no anaesthetic.

I then just about walked outside and felt really faint. I had to sit done I was shaking. My DH came to pick me up and I sat in the coffee shop with my body in shock really. Horrible experience!

I was in pain ( cramping) for a couple of days but after a while it went away and I had no infection. Since then it's been great. I always come on at the right time and I although my periods are slightly heavier, it's not a huge problem. I've not had any infection and it does last 5 years.

I think the soil does suit me but the pain was dreadful Although not as bad as being induced, having an obstructed labour.

If you can't cope with it, I;d have it removed and look at altenatives. Mine did settle though but it took about a month before I felt really comfortable. Hope that helps.

honeydew Thu 30-Jul-09 00:17:41

Just to add that I did feel very sick with pain and bled on and off for a few days.

SparklyGothKat Thu 30-Jul-09 00:21:46

I had a copper coil fitted last year (I was told they last 10 years) and OMG the pain was terrible. I went to the FPC thinking they do them all the time, and ended up getting the trainee doctor who had never done it before hmm and he pushed up too high with the measuring thingy and triggered contraction-like pains. I was in pain for a few days. My periods are heavier than before but I like how easy it is.

Niecie Thu 30-Jul-09 00:35:42

I had a Mirena taken out and a copper coil put in 2 weeks ago. It was mildly uncomfortable to have the Mirena put in and I didn't feel it being taken out, even though it was done at the same time as a smear. All over in a flash.

Putting in the new one was another matter. I was warned that the cervix is a bit stupid (nurse's words) and if something is removed, like an old coil, it can clamp shut and then it has to be clipped open to put the new one in. That was the bit that hurt - I had shooting pains down my legs as well as cramping. The doctor kept asking if I was OK as I was v. pale apparently. I did wonder if they were going to offer gas and air but it was over pretty quickly. It is small wonder they book you in for a 30 min appointment when the procedure only takes 15 mins. They said they liked to allow for recovery time.

I was fine to walk out but started getting shooting pains again walking across the car park. I was also very glad the the school had changed the date of the parents evening that week as I wouldn't have been able to face going out.

That said, it wasn't as bad as some of you seem to have suffered and for that I am grateful. It did feel like labour pains but very localised rather than the whole of your body as when in labour - well for me anyway. I had also done as advised and taken 2 nurofen before going which I think helped. Bleed for a week though, which I wasn't expecting.

The advice, I am told, is that it is easier to have one removed a few weeks before you have a new one fitted. The cervix isn't clamped shut that way and you probably won't need it clipped open.

Niecie Thu 30-Jul-09 00:37:18

I forgot to say, they used an asthma inhaler to squirt at the cervix at one point, to try and make the muscles relax. Not sure it worked but it was a very weird place to feel a breeze!!!smile

alypaly Tue 04-Aug-09 00:39:58

felt like i had gone into labour again, with both fitting and removal

milkyandhoney Tue 04-Aug-09 08:38:51

I have posted about this on another thread.

My insertion was quite painful (bit like contraction pain) and I had to go to bed after as I was doubled over and felt so woozy.

At routine check up a few months later it was discovered that it wasn't there. They eventually found it (via xray), and it had perforated my womb - which usually happens during insertion. I had to have it surgically removed.

After invesitgating why this happens I found out that there is increased risk if you have a) had a previous c-section and b) are breastfeeding. General statistical risk quotes 1 in 1000.

Both of these factors applied to me yet I was never told about this by my G.P. Plus despite having had a vaginal birth the G.P who fitted it did comment that my cervix was quite closed, so he had to 'push' a fair bit.

I would urge anyone who has these increased risk factors and experiences bad pain upon insertion to get it checked!

norktasticninja Tue 04-Aug-09 08:51:55

I had a copper coil fitted by my GP yesterday (my first) and after lurking on this thread I was very very nervous. In the event it was absolutely fine. So, I felt I should share my experience here smile

I kept waiting for the painful bit during the procedure and afterward I was really careful and waiting to feel ill and faint. In my experience it was actually less painful/uncomfortable than a smear, although it did take much longer. I did feel slightly woozy for a bit and had very light cramps for an hour or so. TBH if I hadn't been looking for cramps I don't think I'd actually have noticed them!

I wasn't given any sort of painkiller/anesthetic but I did take two paracetamol an hour before my appointment.

mummydoc Tue 04-Aug-09 08:57:01

i had mireena coil fitted 4 yrs ago and i passed out from the pain and as reflex to having my cervix fiddled with - still glad i had it though , but dreading having it changed

tinateaspoon Tue 04-Aug-09 09:28:46

I have just been considering my contraception choices and I am never having a coil. This is from someone who finds smears painful and have refused internals during labour - I must be v sensitive down there and the thought of having a piece of metal put up there makes me feel sick. I think I would be traumatised shock. You poor things sad.

MuppetsMuggle Tue 04-Aug-09 09:32:52

I had a copper coil fitted yesterday (my first one) was quite uncomfortable and a lot of cramping afterwards but its okay today (so far) and have to go back for a check in 6 weeks. I went to the hospital to have mine fitted.

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