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tew Mon 23-May-05 12:04:34

Have had two terrible migraines recently, and I'm 19 weeks pregnant with no. 2. As I have a 9 month old dd, pretty hard to cope with her and the migraine. Has anyone had experience of taking pregnancy safe migraine pills that you could recommend I get a prescription for? Thx.

Monstersmum Mon 23-May-05 19:05:50


I had a migraine while pregnant and was advised by doc to take aspirin and if that didn't work to take Nurofen. I just went for the Nurofen as I knew it had worked for me in the past and I didn't want to end up taking two different drugs.

I found if you get it early enough the Nurofen works - for me anyhow.


Mosschops30 Mon 23-May-05 19:14:13

Message withdrawn

tew Tue 24-May-05 12:31:02

Thx for replies. Interesting about nurofen, but know they don't want for me and migraines, so fingers crossed I won't get another one!

assumedname Tue 24-May-05 12:34:08

Have you worked out your migraine triggers yet so you can avoid them? Mine are bright sunlight, low blood sugar and birthday party stress!

Common triggers are red wine, cheese, citrus fruits and chocolate. (Don't affect me.)

Not forgetting dehydration as a common cause of headaches.

starlover Tue 24-May-05 12:34:14

talk to a pharmacist... i was told I could take migraleve while breastfeeding... not sure about while pregnant though.

Have you considered cranial osteopathy? Do you get migraines regularly?
I used to get them a lot and had osteopathy and they stopped completely for over 2 years!!!!!

Will be going back for more treatment soon!

charleepeters Tue 24-May-05 12:35:22

i went through a seieries of really bad migranes when i was pg with ds i took co-codamol given to me by the g.p but like moss chops said if its a real migrane your stomach shuts down and they wont make much difference, i still get them as ai suffer from them anyway i find if i take paracetamol when i feel a migraine coming on it tends to stop or at least dull it before it gets to bad.

tew Tue 24-May-05 14:19:47

It used to be food intolerances, now it's my body's way of telling me I'm overtired and need to rest. Pretty tricky with a 9 month old daughter, and working part time. Oh the trials of motherhood!!

slug Wed 25-May-05 10:25:31

Wow, a 9 month old and pregnant. No wonder you're getting migraines! Go to the gp. I got terrible migraines when pregnant, and was gived codydromol. Fabulous stuff, but made me really dopey.

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