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Baby is 6 mths old and still have bad SPD - anyone else experience similar?

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Guitargirl Sun 26-Jul-09 17:42:08

I had bad pelvic pain towards the end of my pregnancy with DD, 2.5 years ago but after she was born it magically stopped. About 3 months after her birth I did have quite excrutiating back pain when trying to get out of bed in the mornings, went to the GP who basically said, 'you've just had a baby, live with it and I can't give you anything stronger than paracetomol because you're breastfeeding'. When DD was about 9 months old the pain did stop.

DS was born in January this year, big baby but not off the scale - 9.6. I did have bad SPD from 2nd trimester onwards when walking up stairs or trying to get dressed but not so bad that I needed crutches and could still walk miles as long as it was flat and no stairs. But about 3 months ago I started to get really bad SPD pains when turning over in bed and trying to get out of bed. I was quite overweight and guessed that if I went to a GP they would tell me to lose the weight. The last couple of months have lost over 2 stone but it's not getting any better. Worse if anything...I scared DS this morning as I was screaming in pain trying to stand up out of bed sad.

Has anyone else had anything similar? Could the breastfeeding hormones be contributing (am not going to stop bf because of that but would like to have some hope that there will be an end to the pain!?)

strongblackcoffee Sun 26-Jul-09 18:22:22

Sounds very similar to me. I had SPD at the end of first pg which disappeared instantly when DS1 was born. With DS2 I had much worse SPD - I could only walk a couple of streets by the end of the third trimester. Big baby too - 10'5, and the SPD didn't disappear this time. I can't remember how noticeable it was early after the birth, but it was still extremely painful 6 months later, a year later, and now (DS2 is 21 months) I still get twinges sometimes. But it does seem to be clearing up, just taking a ridiculously long time. Have never asked GP advice - did think about it a couple of times, but never had time..! But if it's making you scream in pain it's probably worth mentioning to someone. I think you could probably get some physio to help. Good luck! smile

lowrib Sun 26-Jul-09 18:30:22

I'm not still in pain 7 months in but I feel twinges if I lift heavy things.

Really should be doing those pelvic floor exercises!

Guitargirl Wed 29-Jul-09 15:50:43

Thanks for the replies! Have decided am going to give it a month and if there's no improvement I will go to GP.

Am feeling pretty sorry for myself at the moment as have the dreaded swine flu - people keep telling me to lie down but that's just more discomfort than it's worth!

danthe4th Wed 05-Aug-09 07:05:49

Wear tight jeans and get yourself down the gym to do core exercises to strengthen your muscles to support your back and pelvis etc.
I had spd really badly with dd2 and not so bad with ds3and 4 but 4 years on I still get twinges if I jump badly or my legs split or I slip.Do the pelvic tilt exercises and get reffered to the physio, I vaguely remember her visiting my house after dd2 and having some treatment.

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