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Lump on skull

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schilke Sun 26-Jul-09 14:46:38

Last night I found a hard lump on my skull. It's on the left hand side - if you drew a line from your eye round the side and a line up from your ear, it's where the 2 lines meet, well possibly a little bit further towards the back ..... hope you get that.

It is solid - feels like bone and hurts if I fiddle with it .... which of course I can't stop doing! It's quite wide across - 2 fingertips wide. It's alarmed me as I haven't noticed it before.

Any ideas?

loopylou6 Sun 26-Jul-09 18:07:20

its probably just a bony nodule, chances are u have always had it. get it checked if its concerning u though.

mortica Tue 28-Jul-09 22:08:37

Sounds like a cyst. I have sebaceous cysts on my head. They are hard and hurt if you fiddle with them. I have one removed every 18 months.

GivePeasAChance Tue 28-Jul-09 22:09:56

Get to the docs pronto

schilke Wed 29-Jul-09 12:13:20

Ah mortica - I assumed a cyst would be squidgy!

It definitely wasn't there before - I fiddle with my hair ... pull out all the coarse red ones!

southeastastra Wed 29-Jul-09 12:15:36

i had one of those lumps for a couple of months, was odd. disappeared on it's own.

mortica Wed 29-Jul-09 13:16:52

Mine are definately not squidgy but they do generally take a while to a get to a substantial size so either way i would definately go and get it checked out especially if you havent noticed it before.

Better to be safe.

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