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Swine flu question - mum in hospital

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bronteE Sat 25-Jul-09 22:43:17

Sorry another swine flu question. My mum is in Northern Ireland, but has been travelling around England and Scotland for the last three weeks. On Monday she had cramps, followed by vommiting, and muscle aches in her legs, next thing I hear she has been rushed into hospital with pneumonia. Dad is insisting it isn't swine flu because she hasn't had a cough, but does anyone know whether this is always present? I am so worried about her, I've heard those dying of swine flu, are when pneumonia occurs.

BlueBumedFly Sun 26-Jul-09 19:40:12

Bronte, first and foremost she is in the very best place being in hospital and if she has pneumonia they will be able to treat her with IV antibiotics which will be far more effective than just regular tablets.

I was diagnosed with swine flu 2 weeks ago but never had a cough and neither did my toddler who also had it. We had extreme fatigue, aches, high temperatures for days on end (39-40 degrees) sore throats, general feeling of flu-y-ness etc etc.

I hope that your Mum get bette soon, you don't have to have a cough with SF but she is in the best place in hospital.

Any news today?

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