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My DD's hair is falling out!!!

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ButtonMoon Sun 22-May-05 19:32:26

Over the last couple of weeks or so, my DD (2.10) has developed dry crusty yellow residue on her hairline. Think it may be cradle cap. She had this as a baby but it cleared up when I used olive oil. Now when I do this it pulls chunks of her hair out! It looks like it has rotted the root of her hair. I'm worried that if I pull it all out she will have a bald patch along her hairline. Any advice?

bigdonna Sun 22-May-05 20:10:05

try leaving the olive oil on for a couple of hours so it raises the cradle cap then try combing it out .I have picked it from my kids head and the hair came too dont worry .sorry no advice really but it is normal.

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