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Gall bladder removed and 8cm growth in pancreas

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alypaly Sat 25-Jul-09 17:54:08

My friend at the caravan park has like me had her gall bladder removed and as a consequence, i was told not to eat fatty things. She has been also got a huge growth in her pancreas and has had life threatening pancreatitis for the last 7 weeks. She has lost 2 stone in weight. Now her consultant who is from a staffordshire hospital is telling her to eat fat , double cream, eggs, yoghurt, full cream milk. Am i going mad or is this the opposite of what she shud be havin. I was told LF.Which consultant is right. I am loosing faith and am rather worried as |I may have a tiny stone in my pancreas too.

imaynotbeperfectbutimokmummy Sat 25-Jul-09 19:01:08

the advice is not to eat fat whilst you have gallstones. This is because when you eat fat, the role of the gall bladder is to contract and push the bile it is storing into the stomach, via the bile duct. When you have gallstones, this contraction can be excruciating as it pushes against the stones, can cause inflammation and biliary colic (more pain than i have ever had in my life!). I am not sure about the effects of fat on the pancreas but any inflammation of the gallbladder is bad as it can lead to pancreatitis due to the close proxomity. Check with your GP, but the advice you have been given to cut out fat is sound. I think your freinds situation is very different.

Once the gall bladder is removed you can eat fat as normal, although some people notice they get soft stools and slight indigestion if they do.

Pheebe Sat 25-Jul-09 19:21:38

I think your friend may have been told to return to a high fat diet because of her weight loss. Can't comment about her other health issues.

There is no agreement about whether you should stay LF after GB removal and its really a case of trial and error, if fat in yout diet had little/no effects on you then fine, if you get diarrhea and colic then you probably need to stay LF.

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