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Haemorrhages behind eye: any experience?

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verygreenlawn Sat 25-Jul-09 15:59:49

DH had an eye test today, and apart from needing varifocals for the first time shock the optician spotted some little haemorrhages behind one eye. He's referring DH to see our GP. Optician was very reassuring, said it was unlikely to be anything serious, but just to be sure would refer him.

Any idea what this is? I've googled and found loads of stuff about visible haemorrhages but nothing behind the eye. DH is early 40s, generally in good health, not overweight, non-smoker, has always worn glasses (but this is the first sight test in a few years). Any experience? Thanks.

talkingbook Sun 26-Jul-09 22:18:06

Normally his GP will check blood sugar for diabetes and blood pressure as these make you more prone to these small haemorrhages.Diabetics have a yearly retinal photograph taken specifically to check for signs of these problems.

The haemorrhages themselves aren't usually a problem unless near the macula(centre part of the vision)when they could affect vision but his optician would have referred on to a specialist if that was the case.

His GP will want to find out basically why when he is in good health these have shown up.

verygreenlawn Wed 29-Jul-09 19:20:51

Thanks talkingbook, he doesn't have a family history of diabetes (that seems to be my particularly crappy family heritage) but interesting to know - wonder what the GP will say.

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