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(is there really no fitness topic? i can't see one) RUNNERS! come and talk to me about moving up to a half-marathon

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TutTutter Wed 22-Jul-09 11:31:10

have been running since march (have dsses aged 4 and 2 - prior to march had done half-hearted running)

am running on average 3x a week. total maybe 25-28k

longest run so far 13k

have done one 10k race (49:42) and signed up for a couple more

am starting to think about signing up to a half-marathon but am hesitant. local one is in october, so a good time wrt a bit more training, but it' quite hilly

so - would it be quite an easy move to go from where i am now (a couple of 10ks a week plus an occasional slightly-longer one) to 21k?

19fran76 Wed 22-Jul-09 14:53:38

There is a running thread under sport & exercise come & join us. Sounds like you're doing great, I would be very happy to get that 10k time. Personally, I'm looking to do my first 10k race in Sept & should that result be respectable look to move towards a half marathon target myself. There are plenty of more experienced runners who can probably give you some good, measured advice however. I would link to the thread but I'm a techno idiotblush

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