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Free online hearing check

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Aislingb Tue 21-Jul-09 17:24:55

Have you ever worried about your hearing?

Take the RNID Hearing Check for free online.

ChopsTheDuck Wed 22-Jul-09 16:01:51

I jsut had a go and I am pmsl.

I'm moderately hearing impaired, I'm supposed to wear hearing aids (but don't) and I depend heavily on lipreading and it suggests my hearing 'is in the normal range' grin

I think if anyone is worried about their hearing they should go to the GP!

MovingOutOfBlighty Wed 22-Jul-09 16:07:10

Ah - I am hearing impaired and wear hearing aids.
It came up as may need have a hearing problem, so guess it works!

ChopsTheDuck Wed 22-Jul-09 16:09:40

did you do it with the aids in? I think it says somewhere it isn't designed to work with hearing aids.

It worries me a bit tbh, that people might have a hearing impairment and not seek help on the basis of these tests.

norksinmywaistband Wed 22-Jul-09 16:10:54

well apparently i have a problem, but the specsavers hearing people thought i was fine 6 months ago hmm

ChopsTheDuck Wed 22-Jul-09 16:13:10

I just did it agian to see if it was a fluke and I passed again. I'm cured! grin

Wallace Wed 22-Jul-09 16:20:19

i will do this when not so noisy in my house

Aislingb Wed 22-Jul-09 17:36:30

Unfortunately the reason RNID is having to offer a quick check online is because millions of people in the UK have a hearing loss but are doing nothing about it.

RNID are trying to encourage anyone who may have a hearing loss to go and see their GP as it can take someone years before they acknowledge problems with their hearing.

Chops what type of hearing loss do you have? This hearing check will not pick up problems with your outer or middle ear.

Thanks to everyone who took the check, the more people who do it the more awareness will be raised.

MovingOutOfBlighty Wed 22-Jul-09 17:53:52

Didn't have hearing aids in - wouldn't want to cheat!
I would have been blardy marvellous then!

BCNS Wed 22-Jul-09 18:19:50

urm..thing is you can turn up the volume.. or set it to very loud ( personally I find it really loud) and I have an issue with the white noise.. because as an adult I can hear the white nose deterrants outside shops, that are supposed to be for teenagers.. also really high pitches like normal lightbulbs humming...

I think it might be better to have the high and low pitch test bip thing maybe? ?

interesting though

ChopsTheDuck Thu 23-Jul-09 07:54:23

It did say turning up the noise makes no difference. It's distinguishing through the white nosie that is the test I think.

Aisling, I have congenital nerve damage. What do you have, Blighty, since it picked up yours?

MovingOutOfBlighty Thu 23-Jul-09 08:53:23

Its a wierd mixture chops of congenital, and also acquired.
It means that the middle of the frequencies dip quite a bit and basically have nothing much at the very high end. So didn't realise how irritating lovely birds tweeting could be until I got the aids!

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