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WWYD - 4 week old dd and MRSA

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wisterialane Tue 21-Jul-09 14:45:12

My dd is 4 weeks old, and my SIL and family have travelled over 500 miles to see her this week.

Only problem is that their DD has been in hospital recently and SIL was told yesterday by the consultant that my neice has got MRSA (although she is well in herself). Apparently the consultant said not to worry about infecting others as can only be contracted through open wounds.

Is this right? Should i worry about them visiting us? I don't want to be over-paranoid, and it would be lovely to see them... WWYD?

ceciliamay Tue 21-Jul-09 14:51:18

when my DH's Gran had MRSA whilst in hospital 2 years ago they wouldn't let me visit her with DD who was then 16wks old.

No idea if it was just that hospital, the patient wasn't being put in isolation or anything.

Sorry if it doesn't help, personally I would say avoid anyone with things like that but then again I am a bit wary as my DS was in SCUBA for 2 wks when he was born due to an infection.

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