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Lucymoo Fri 20-May-05 21:28:36

Hello,i suffer from alopecia,which got a lot worse following the birth of my son.Not only did i have the usual hair loss but big bald patches aswell.It does eventually grow back but because i'm a huge stresser it isnt long until i get knew patches.I always keep my hair tied back so the patches dont show,well that much!It makes me feel that im not feminine and on bad days like a real FREAK!It would be lovely to hear from anyone else who suffers from this or from anyone with a miracle cure.

KBear Fri 20-May-05 22:05:09

Lucymoo, I'm sorry you are suffering this condition. My DH had this a few years back. He had an bad accident which involved a lot of stress as well as the injury he suffered. About a year after the accident, a small coin size patch of hair fell out then it just got bigger until it was about 8cms in diameter on one side of his head. Of course, as a man can, he shaved his head which he hated and always wore a cap. After about two years it started growing back but the hair was darker. All is well now, back to normal. They say holding an ice pack on the patches can help. I don't have a miracle cure but I thought it might help to know someone understands.

Evesmama Fri 20-May-05 22:20:26

i suffer from alopecia areata(big bald patches)
luckilly have always up to now been at back of head, under crown, so as you do, i tie mine up to hide

have had cream, tablets and even steroid staples !(ow) to try and spur on growth, but unfortunatly its a case of sit and wait

have got a couple of patches in last few weeks too..
all this trying to get back into work/hoping to move hosue malarky

sparklymieow Fri 20-May-05 22:29:45

Hi, I have Trichotilomania (hair pulling) and I had a large patch on the crown of my head, I had a hair system done at Mark Glenn in London, it does cost a large amount of money, but I know they can do it for Alopecia too.....

Evesmama Sat 21-May-05 00:04:24

i had mine done on NHS?

sparklymieow Sat 21-May-05 00:05:43

apartently the NHS won't pay for Cosmetic treatment!!!

Evesmama Sat 21-May-05 00:07:11

mine was down to stress..but i was only about 14(14 years ago) so things will have prob changed by now?
dont bother now, just keep my fingers crossed and hope for it to grow back!

BTW..hows things with your neighbours from hel??

sparklymieow Sat 21-May-05 00:10:38

mark glenn

Neighbours of hell...... making me stressed, have pulled lots of hair..... so very annoyed with myself.....

Evesmama Sat 21-May-05 00:13:01

looks like mine..but mine just comes out!

what are you going to do about arsehole next door??
have you put in for new house?

sparklymieow Sat 21-May-05 00:18:26

I am waiting for the police to phone me back, and then i can go to the council. There is a thread in the Feeling depressed section. (can't take much more) but I can't see the council doing much tbh so i will have to go down the eviction route.

Evesmama Sat 21-May-05 00:19:44

oh, must be horrible
cant you go to your doc?, ask him/her to write assesment on this is causing you problems??
surely his agreesive and threatening behaviour should be acted upon immediatly??

sparklymieow Sat 21-May-05 00:21:39

u would have thought so, wouldn't you? Not sure if he is actually still living there, haven't seen his car at night, doesn't seem to be hanging about as much, so I think his parents must have heard about what happened and said something.

Evesmama Sat 21-May-05 00:23:29

well fingers crossed he's had his marching orders from parents
hopefully they are decent enough people to not want trouble on thier doorstep!

Evesmama Sat 21-May-05 00:26:05

off to bed hun...have a nice..peaceful weekend

sparklymieow Sat 21-May-05 00:27:00

oh they are!! such sweeties, shame they have raised such arseholes...... If it wasn't for their sons, I would stay here forever..... when we first moved here, the 2 older sons were in prison, and they had a party for the dad's 50th, they came round and told us they were having a party and invited us (we didn't go) the next day we got up and found that someone had puked on the car, left it, and came out later and the dad had cleaned it all off and clear all the glass bottles.

Evesmama Sat 21-May-05 00:29:11

aw, nice couple then

so the sons must be adopted then!raised by wild dogs and integrated back into society..unsuccesfully!

sparklymieow Sat 21-May-05 00:37:08

yes must be..... the mum always looks tired and I think the dad has some mental problems, but they are so sweet and kind.

Blu Sun 22-May-05 19:12:50

Bad luck, Lucymoo, it's horrible, isn't it? I have had a couple of attacks, but it has always grown back exactly as it was. I have tried trad. chinese medecine, which was the foullest bew i have ever drunk, and v expensive, and made no difference, and steroid cream which doid stop the patches getting any bigger, and made it grow back sooner, I think.

Alopeacia is an auto-immune condition, where your immune system takes against the pigment in your hair. Do other members of your family suffer any auto-immune conditions - vitiligo, arthritis, and, what's that skin condition that Dennis Potter suffered from?

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