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Please help me get my sick mother interested in anything other than her health.

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BiscuitStuffer Mon 20-Jul-09 14:54:30

I really hope that this post comes out the way I intend it but I am going to summarise as briefly as I can so I don't bore you all! It may come across as a bit dry but I really don't mean it to.

My mum's breast cancer has spread to her bone after 3 years of being in remission. She has been in a lot of pain since February as it was not discovered until mid June.

She is now being treated and the pain is under control and she is adjusting well to her new drugs and after a period of tiredness, she is now feeling much better. She doesn't have to do anything around the home and dad works from home and she has lots of friends caring for her and visiting etc.

I am desperately trying to get her to live rather than exist. She seems to be only currently interested in talking about 'her cancer' and despite telling her what the kids are up to etc, I just get one word responses. If I ask her how she is, I get an enormous amount of information.

I know that she's sick and probably depressed and anxious (of course) as well but I just want to try and help her live a bit rather than waste any precious time talking and thinking about nothing apart from her health. Does anyone have any experience of this and what can i do that might help?

BiscuitStuffer Mon 20-Jul-09 14:56:59

I forgot to say that she's up and about and dressed and can sit at the computer and chat on the phone and walk around etc. I absolutely know that this must be very hard for her.

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