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Help... how can dh reduce his blood pressure by Weds?

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yogabird Mon 20-Jul-09 12:15:08

He's fit (just cycled over 1000 miles)and healthy, perhaps very slightly overweight. He is due to have a hernia repair op on weds and on the pre-op check they said his blood pressure was high - that's it really, they'll check it again on weds but didn't give any more details. I am assuming they won't operate if it's high?

Any ideas? Please?

yogabird Mon 20-Jul-09 15:32:41


CMOTdibbler Mon 20-Jul-09 15:35:10

They'll operate unless it was through the roof high - which they would have said.

If it is still high, they will recommend he sees his GP

MarieCeleste Mon 20-Jul-09 15:37:51

There's tons of things he can do. If I were him, I'd have a long massage asap; then do as many deep relaxation and BREATHING stuff as he can fit in. Eat lots of garlic.

If you had more time, you could do more dietary stuff. But I would focus on breathing and relaxing!

Tell the masseur re the BP: you will need to avoid some aromatherapy oils, eg ylang ylang.

Hangingbellyofbabylon Mon 20-Jul-09 15:43:21

I would try the Bowen Technique - I've had some real success with reducing blood pressure this way. I believe that massage can sometimes we too stimulating and doesn't always help blood pressure.

EachPeachPearMum Mon 20-Jul-09 15:44:06

no alcohol, no salt, lots of relaxing...
bananas and broccoli help I think

KnickKnack Mon 20-Jul-09 15:44:30

1000mg garlic per day (realistically will take about 8 weeks to make a good impact)
Quest Kyolic garlic is a really good one, from a health shop.

Drink a glass of beetroot juice per day. Again go to health hop and ask for 100% pure juice, no salt/sugar, not watered down. Rabenhorst apparently tastes better then most.

Is there anu chance it was just a case of "white coat syndrome" when he reached the GP surgery, or had he just exercised beforehand?

I guess its worth thinking about his diet/lifestyle/stress/weight afterwards...prevention for future problems.

MarieCeleste Mon 20-Jul-09 15:47:56

He needs to relax totally before it's taken at the hospital to avoid white coat syndrome.

yogabird Tue 21-Jul-09 19:36:09


alcohol and salt are sorted. Lots of spinach and broccoli have been consumed today! Hopefully it was just that white coat thing, fingers crossed grin

yogabird Thu 23-Jul-09 09:10:18

was white coat syndrome, all well now. OP done and convalescence started. MAny thanks all!

KnickKnack Thu 23-Jul-09 19:26:58

great news smile

Hope you are pampering the poor man wink

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