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Pain in legs when walking

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tallulah Fri 20-May-05 19:06:16

Trying to lose some weight I thought I should increase my exercise. I don't generally walk anywhere if I can help it, and my only exercise is 45-60 minutes of ballet once a week.

I started ballroom dancing (1 hour per week) 2 weeks ago, and this week I have given up the park and ride and started parking just over 1/4 mile from work and walking.

The ballroom makes my legs and feet hurt but I thought it was because the movements are repetitive and on the same leg (unlike ballet) plus my shoes are too flat.

BUT it's the walking giving me huge problems. The walk is hilly- down then up slightly & down, on the way to work, & obviously mainly uphill on the way home. Monday I walked it in 10 minutes each way. My legs ached when I got to work but eased off.

It has got worse each day. Today took me 15 minutes each way & on the way home I was in so much pain I didn't think I'd make it. Also during work my legs were aching while I was sitting down.

The pain is in my calves and shins. My calves were rock hard and I couldn't ease them. I've tried 3 different pairs of shoes (all flattish).

Does anyone know what causes this and if there's a way of stopping it, or is it a serious problem I need to see the GP about?

assumedname Fri 20-May-05 19:48:39

I think it could be too much, too soon. If I were you, I'd carry on using the park and ride until you've done a couple of months of ballroom. Or walk maybe once a week, so you get used to it slowly. Do you ever stretch out your calf muscles before and after exercise? Could just be the wrong type of shoes?

If you have pain in your shins, it could be shin splints. This is caused by too much exercise on hard surfaces.

Just my thoughts.

tallulah Sat 21-May-05 10:59:27

Thanks for that. After reading your post I googled shin splints (never heard of it before!) and looks like you are right. All the magazines tell you to walk because it's healthy, so I walk & do myself an injury! Looks like back on the p&r for a while

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