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Ankle strain and voltrol

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NotQuiteCockney Fri 20-May-05 17:31:38

Coming down the stairs today, I strained my ankle. I'm sure it's not broken, as I could walk on it right away. It hurts more, the more I rest it and then walk.

There are no big scary bumps. It just really hurts.

If, by chance, I happened to have some leftover voltrol (diclofenac) from an old (but not past-date) prescription, would taking it help? It's a fairly severe anti-inflammatory.

noddyholder Fri 20-May-05 17:34:44

it will still work I would think I had it once for my neck but it gives you a dodgy stomach but only if you take it for a while It is for that sort of thing I think

Mud Fri 20-May-05 17:35:47

rest elevation cold compress don't self-medicate get it checked out

I once broke my ankle and my leg in 2 places, I was able to walk on it and wiggle my toes though it did swell up

misdee Fri 20-May-05 17:39:10

it'll help yes. i have it for when my neck p[lays up.

NotQuiteCockney Fri 20-May-05 17:49:55

I see your point, Mud, but I can't face A+E, and everything else is shut now. If it's still bad on Monday, I'll go see someone, I promise.

(And yeah, I know, RICE = rest ice compression elevation. I do have an ice pack, but I also have two kids and tea to make. Grr.)

I think I'm off to take a voltrol, then.

NotQuiteCockney Sat 21-May-05 07:28:35

Well, I took one voltrol last night, and no other painkillers. And my ankle is fine today. It feels a bit wobbly, so I won't be doing big walks, but it's certainly on the mend.

It might have healed this fast without the voltrol, who knows.

(I was pretty sure it was a soft-tissue injury because I could move the ankle fine without significant discomfort, it was just weight bearing that was impossible.)

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