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Can 3 year-olds breathe through their mouths?

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Blu Fri 20-May-05 17:25:50

I know, I know, i just couldn't think of a way to ask the q without sounding any less stupid!

DS suffers a lot from a stuffy nose, he gets hayfever, if he has a cold the stuffiness lasts for ages, both give him nosebleeds, which then cause more stuffiness.

When he's asleep he breathes through his really stuffy nose in long, noisy struggly breaths instead of breathing through his mouth, like most people do when they have a cold. He tosses and turns and keeps waking himself up, and because he often gets into bed with me when he has nosebleeds, it keeps me awake. Do other people's kids breathe through their mouths?

Have been to the GP, who has tried rhinocron spray, and cream which gets rid of some bug that inflames the nose. DS likes to sniff what he calls his Olbas Impaler, but nothing seems to help.

aloha Fri 20-May-05 17:30:03

Gosh, I have never thought about this one, Blu. I'd guess ds does as he so often has his mouth open, in manner of village idiot. also he always sleeps through even when he's got 'bogies playing in the bogey playground' as he refers to his nostrils
Poor LittleBoyBlu with his poorly nose though.

Mud Fri 20-May-05 17:30:45

poor baby

quick answer is yes they can if they have to

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