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Cystectomy and removal of ovary via laparotomy...

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Marthasmama Sat 18-Jul-09 13:22:09

Hello, I have been on few threads recently discussing ovarian cysts and ovary removal & my up-coming operation. I had a laparotomy with a midline incision on Tuesday and I came home today. I vowed to let the ladies on the other threads know how I got on so here goes.....

The cyst I had removed was a total monster so I ended up with a midline incision which was continued up above my belly button from my bikini line, shock and ouch! The cyst was bigger than a very big new born and had destroyed my right fallopian tube. So I had the cyst, the ovary and the tube removed and biopsied. The recovery hasn't been too bad, obviously it was painful at first but I swiftly moved away from strong painkillers to paracetamol only. I was up and about on day two and have generally felt a lot better than when I had my c-section with dd. There is no indication that there was anything wrong with my left ovary and the dr had no concerns about the cyst (although they didn't know what was in it, I wanted to know!). Hope this helps anyone else going through something similar and if there is anything else you want to know please ask.

myjobismum Sat 18-Jul-09 13:53:49

Glad all went well smile

Have you heard back from the biopsy yet?

Hope you continue to recover quickly and well!

Marthasmama Sat 18-Jul-09 13:56:39

Thanks Myjob! I won't hear back about the biopsy if it is all ok. The dr is confident that it will be though so I'm not at all worried.

BodenGroupie Sun 19-Jul-09 15:49:31

Hi Marthasmum, glad to hear all is well.

I went back to work two weeks after my op - only a laparoscopy in my case (I managed to have my sick leave during the heatwave grin). I had a slight infection the second week but it cleared up with antibiotics. Just got the all clear on the cyst and I'm sure you will too!

Since then I've had root canal problems and treatment - the op and recovery was far less painful than than.

Marthasmama Mon 20-Jul-09 17:17:00

Good to hear everything's going well BG and that you've got the all clear as far as the biopsy. I have a 7 inch wound on my stomach. I haven't seen it yet as the dressing is staying on until tomorrow when the stitches are being removed, but I expect I'll look like I've been autopsied!

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