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Ds3 drank undiluted Ribena

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Lonelymum Fri 20-May-05 10:21:23

Have just found ds3 drinking undiluted Ribena. Not sure how much he has had but certainly some. Will this do any harm do you think? Should I try to get him to drink some water to dilute it in his stomach? (No chance!)

smellymelly Fri 20-May-05 10:22:56

No idea - what about giving him some milk?

Gwenick Fri 20-May-05 10:23:47

Doubt it'll do any harm - he may be a little 'hyper' for a while due to the high sugar content though.

albert Fri 20-May-05 10:25:45

Oh no, don't give milk, won't that make it curdle in his stomach?! How old is DS lonlymum? TBH, I wouldn't worry. He might feel sick if he drank a lot because it's very sweet but other than that it can't be dangerous can it?

Flum Fri 20-May-05 10:27:19

can't imagine it would do any harm really.

tarantula Fri 20-May-05 10:28:41

Shouldnt cause any problems. In dps old job he met loads of people who were jsut moving to this country and lots of them were giving their kids undiluted ribena etc as they didnt realise you needed to add water. How they coped withthe hyperactivity I dont know . Have fun today

Lonelymum Fri 20-May-05 10:32:54

He is 2.4 albert. Actually, I poured some water into a tiny bit of Ribena left in his cup and he has nearly drunk it all so that should have diluted it a bit. He is happily watching Baby Einstein now.

Thanks for the tip about possible hyperactivity. I won't worry now if he doesn't have a nap this pm!

HappyMumof2 Fri 20-May-05 10:48:29

Message withdrawn

TwoAngels Fri 20-May-05 14:47:25

when I was little we used to make ice lollies from undiluted cordial we were fine

aloha Fri 20-May-05 14:48:38

It's fine! It's only sugar. It's not like it could do any harm.

SaintGeorge Fri 20-May-05 14:52:56

We might well be looking at a thread tomorrow titled "My DS has bright red wee!'

Gwenick Fri 20-May-05 14:54:14

or we'll have post tonight saying how exhausted LM is because DS3 has been racing round the house like a lunatic all day

Lonelymum Fri 20-May-05 16:06:44

I think I was worried because I was thinking of undiluted juice which can give little ones diaarhoea. My ds3 has only just got over a diarrhoea bug and I didn't want his system overloaded! Also, he could have consumed quite a lot and I thought he might be sick! The hyperactivity thing didn't materialise: he still went down for his nap as usual.

bobbybob Sat 21-May-05 04:04:36

I once gave my brother undiluted Ribena for a 30 miles cycle ride. I didn't realise that my mum had one flask of ribena and one of water. He cycled really fast.

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