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Harefield - is Misdee still around?

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feetheart Fri 17-Jul-09 13:44:10

Anyone know if she is still around?

Friend's DH is in Harefield for at least the next 6 weeks and I was looking for hints and tips for them and their 3 small DC (6,4 and 18mths)


feetheart Fri 17-Jul-09 13:54:21


feetheart Sat 18-Jul-09 20:50:43

Anyone know?

DesperateHousewifeToo Sat 18-Jul-09 20:56:20

She's around.

Do a search and find a thread she is on.

feetheart Sat 18-Jul-09 21:00:35

Thanks, tried that but it didn't work. What am I doing it wrong?

makedoandmend Sat 18-Jul-09 21:02:01

Hang on she was just on a thread I was on - hang on let me go and find it...

makedoandmend Sat 18-Jul-09 21:09:26


She was on a little while ago


makedoandmend Sat 18-Jul-09 21:10:49

She's on page 4 - just in case it moves on quickly

lisad123 Sat 18-Jul-09 21:17:10

will call and tell her someone wants her

misdee Sat 18-Jul-09 21:24:54


is she staying in the area?

the pavillion (white building) is cheaper for drinks and snacks than the hungrey hare. the food isnt too bad and witrh a wide choice.

there is a good cafe in the village, a bit of a greasy spoon but ok, and v friendly.

There is a park nearby, which is great when the walls of the hospital become too much.

There is a large field in the grounds as well, and at the far end there are often horses, good for entertaining little ones.

car park can be a nightmare, but if she drives past the main hospital gates, the next turning on the left often has spaces in the side road in front of the gates.

take colouring books, and snack boxes. if her dh room has a dvd player/tv/fridge then do use it. we watched many films and kept extras in the fridge.

misdee Sat 18-Jul-09 21:25:11

not extra films in the fridge, extra food for dh.

feetheart Sat 18-Jul-09 22:13:37

Thanks so much for the info (and thanks lisa and makedoandmend for tracking her down grin)

Friend is reasonably local (Luton) but has the use of another friend's house 10 mins from the hospital for the next 2 weeks which will help. Everything is very new and scary for them at the moment so any help/advice from someone who's been there will really help.

Not sure about TV or fridge yet - not in a room of his own from what I understand but a 6-person 'bay' with only 3 people in it.
So far he is VERY impressed with the food provided as apparantly it actually resembles real food (so much for the L&D hmm)

Thanks again

misdee Sat 18-Jul-09 22:15:56

if she fancies real food, the coy carp is ok for eating. the reception keep detailsd of takeaways that deliver as well blush

theres probably more to do in the area for little ones, but i cant remember blush its been 2years now since we spent every day there.shock

feetheart Sat 18-Jul-09 22:32:17

Wow, 2 years, is it really that long ago? I followed your story closely but was a lurker for most of it. I did stay up all night waiting to hear if the transplant was going ahead though - still my best MN memory smile

Will definitely pass on the takeaway info as friend's DH had a craving for a kebab whilst in the L&D and WALKED to Leagrave High Street to get one - about 2 miles - whilst on IV antibiotics for a serious heart infection and having just had a stroke shockshockshock. Think he is lucky to be alive after she found out grin

misdee Sat 18-Jul-09 22:34:22

theres a kebab shop round the corner as well blush

feetheart Sat 18-Jul-09 22:36:13

Better than a 4 mile round trip

lisad123 Sun 19-Jul-09 13:55:13

Not been in Harefiels, but wanted to add my hints on when we had DH in hospital (arent we justa healthy lot, think we married wrong lads Misdee).
Darren took laptop and had a mobile network dongel thingy that his work gave. We brought 2 cheap webcams from tesco, and darren used those to see the kids. Def agree on dvd's and others. We got a cheao dvd portable from comet.
Jams, and things that dont need to be in the fridge, for boring rolls and to eat. Money for phone and newspaper lady.

Also if friend is driving to hospital its worth asking bout monthly type carpark tickets. Ours was £30 for 3 months, but saved loads.


feetheart Sun 19-Jul-09 23:14:57

Great ideas lisad, will pass them on too.

School holidays will make things much easier to start with as there will be less running around and kids will be able to spend lots of time with their daddy but webcam is a great idea for after the op when they probably won't be able to see him. Will get my geeky DH on to sorting out that one for them smile

Thanks for your help

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