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noticed something odd with my breast (sorry)

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lilsmum Thu 19-May-05 23:57:51

following the kylie scare, i have looked at a few links off google for checking your breast, now i thought you should only be aware of lumps, but noticed it can be changes in colour, growths etc.

from being pg with dd (dd is 15mth) i suffered with cracked nipples, one worse than other (i didnt breastfeed) my left nipple is still cracked (if i messed wtih it big chunks would come away )and have noticed since dd was born i have had this totally flat brown freckle kind of spot on my boob, it has another mark surrounding which is a lighter shade(i can only describe it like a age spot on a older person) i also have you know the bumpy bit around your nipple? well one of the bumps has turned a very dark brown colour and is quite sore too, this is all on my left breast.

any ideas? should i get it checked out? i dont wanna go the doctors if it is something and nothing iykwim

tia xx

PuffTheMagicDragon Fri 20-May-05 00:00:03

I don't know lilsmum, but the advice is, if you notice any changes in your breasts, you should see your gp, to be on the safe side.

tiffini Fri 20-May-05 00:01:37

go and see your GP

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