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Any GPs out there? I don't have one yet and need a bit of advice on the know...

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MrsMerryHenry Thu 16-Jul-09 21:00:10

Swine flu - what else?! The NHS Direct symptom check web links aren't working at the mo and I'd rather not add to their workload by calling if I don't have swine flu.

I think what I have is tonsillitis, and certainly I have those lurvely white spots on the back of my tonsils to confirm it. However I also had a wee bit of a tummy bug on Monday, which I killed off nicely with lemon juice and vinegar (grim but effective). I also now feel a wee bit fluish - slightly aching muscles - and also have signs of a developing infection/ tenderness in my soft palate.

When I get tonsillitis I don't usually have any of those symptoms, just the throat stuff. I haven't had a cough or a temperature, though. As I write this sounds more and more unlike swine flu but I'd appreciate your input!


mrslennyhenry Fri 17-Jul-09 09:32:22

Just get yourself to a GP, you can register as a temporary resident if you need to.

My move has coincided with a hideous cold too. It doesn't help does it.

mrslennyhenry Fri 17-Jul-09 09:32:40

What you looking at me like that for? smile

cass66 Fri 17-Jul-09 10:03:25

you can get achey with tonsillitis, I think if there's white pus on your tonsils, its more likely that rather than SF.

PLEASE dont go to the GP if you think you have SF. Stay at home and ring.....

MrsMerryHenry Sun 19-Jul-09 23:57:43

You're a cheeky monkey, mrslh! wink

Thanks, am about to register tomorrow. Definitely no SF here - just sore, pus-covered tonsils!

<<feeling sorry for self-emoticon>>

Cheers both!

nevergoogledragonbutter Mon 20-Jul-09 17:18:43


MrsMerryHenry Wed 22-Jul-09 23:30:28

dragonbutter! Can't believe I missed you! How are you, mate?

Oh, right, I see - it was you all along!!! At first when I read your post I thought 'what a coincidence, db is moving house now as well! wonder how she is...'

<<scowls at having been fooled>>

I blame the grey hairs, they're turning my brain to mush.


How's life in your new neck of the woods? Are you settled yet?

nevergoogledragonbutter Thu 23-Jul-09 16:30:37

haha, yes it was me!

i think we're kind of sort of settled. we are surrounded by boxes and sorting stuff out. I have been doing training this week and officially start my job tomorrow.
I've been cycling and swimming with my sister in the evenings which is a real treat and far from our previous lives of no babysitters and everyone living very insular lives.
The neighbour just popped round with a plant pot filled with muddy potatoes from her garden and introduced herself.
And 'finger crossed' the house sale completes tomorrow.

So, i think, things are good.

Really really good infact.

the kids seem happy, DH seems fairly enthusiastic about the move, but hasn't actually met anyone yet. DS1 is playing around with his accent already which is funny to hear.

So all good here.

What about you?

MrsMerryHenry Thu 23-Jul-09 23:29:55

Hurray! I'm so glad things sound great so far! We're really enjoying life down here, though I can't post much at the mo - it's my birthday in 1/2 an hour and I've sworn to get sensible about starting to get to bed before midnight, so I think I ought to at least achieve it once!

Have a fabulous weekend and good luck for completion.

Platesmasher Fri 24-Jul-09 16:08:20

house sold today!

and i've changed my name.

new start and all that.

Platesmasher Fri 24-Jul-09 16:08:37

and happy birthday!

MrsMerryHenry Sun 26-Jul-09 20:59:53


I'm so pleased for you, that is utterly brilliant. for you!

I am wondering whether your chosen new name represents your approach to beating stress??! Like it, anyway. I've also changed my RL name to something easier to pronounce - that new start thing is happening down south, too!

And thanks!

What happened with your job, btw? Did your boss sort things out?

Platesmasher Sun 26-Jul-09 23:14:43

The new name is mosaic inspired. I buy plates in charity shops. The ladies wrap them up ever so carefully. Then i take them home and smash them up. grin

no luck with my boss sorting out my salary. was beating my head against a brick wall. But the improved standard of living may make it worth it. not sure how long that attitude will stay with me though.

er, you changed your RL name? hmm
your first name? surely not.

MrsMerryHenry Sun 26-Jul-09 23:18:27

grin at your plate-smashing!

Bummer about your salary. Hope there's a chance for a review.

So what is it that you do for a living, or is that too much info to put on MN?

I've not name-changed properly, legally - I've just started introducing myself as Nickname rather than ComplicatedProperName. If anyone asks I explain. If not, I don't. Am also ending emails to old friends with Nickname so they can get used to it - and call me whichever they prefer.

It's amazing - I tell people my name just once and they get it right away. Revolutionary.

ipiratethief Sun 26-Jul-09 23:19:03

db now named platesmasher tis i of the place called K.

have you moved away from the hams then?

MrsMerryHenry Sun 26-Jul-09 23:20:47


<<mind racing>>

<<brain implodes>>

Who are you, ipiratethief? (good name, btw!)

ipiratethief Sun 26-Jul-09 23:22:48

formally known as piratecat, me and dragon have previously discussed our whereabouta and relative proximity.

(ssh soemone's coming) grin

MrsMerryHenry Sun 26-Jul-09 23:24:31

Aharr, me hearty! Shiver me timbers! I've seen you about, even heard tell of you in legends of yesteryear...glad to make yer acquaintance!

Better quit while I'm almost ahead, am crap at PirateSpeak.

ipiratethief Sun 26-Jul-09 23:27:28

lol so am i

are ye from similar local shores then.

Platesmasher Sun 26-Jul-09 23:29:08

oh hello. long time no see.
yes have moved north. way north.
like 500 miles from the hams north.

er,mrsmh, you have a lovely name. if you don't need it, i'll have it. my name is the shittest of all shit names...and i frequent the baby names threads regularly.

why oh why would you change your name it's sooooo good.

MrsMerryHenry Sun 26-Jul-09 23:29:10

Um...umm...<<wonders what language is being spoken>>


Or maybe, no?


<<diversion needed>>

Here's my fave joke of the week!

<<wipes brow - think it worked>>

Platesmasher Sun 26-Jul-09 23:29:43

physiotherapist btw

Platesmasher Sun 26-Jul-09 23:30:51

grin at link.

MrsMerryHenry Sun 26-Jul-09 23:32:04

Aww, blessya Platesmasher! After 35 years of living with it I just can't be arsed to explain it to people any more! I think I've given it a good try, though!

Your name's not an awful name! Actually, matched with your surname you sound like a magician. Maybe you should change career, not name!

Platesmasher Sun 26-Jul-09 23:32:56

I've started a thread here

Don't let me stay up late. First proper day on new job tomorrow. Meeting at 9am. Must not be asleep!

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