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Should I see the doctor about a pain I've had for 13 years ??

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mummyloveslucy Thu 16-Jul-09 20:06:26

Hi, ever since I was about 15, I've had an aching in the top of my back between the sholder blades. It gets worse in wet or cold weather and if I've been ironing or simillar. It also clicks quite a lot.
I've been thinking about going to the doctors to see if anything can be done, while I'm still fairly young. I think it's gradually getting worse.
I'm not sure if anything can be done and don't want the doctor to think I'm waisting his time. What do you think, should I go?
Also, if anyone has any ideas as to how to help it the please let me know. smile

sherby Thu 16-Jul-09 20:11:13

yes worth a visit

try an osteopath, very good with this kind of thing

Sidge Thu 16-Jul-09 20:13:36

I would try an osteopath first.

mummyloveslucy Thu 16-Jul-09 20:14:15

Can I see one on the NHS? and if not, how much will it cost?

mummyloveslucy Thu 16-Jul-09 20:18:19

My Nan, aunty and Mum all have austio authritus. My aunty has had to have a metal rod in her spine. sad
I'm a bit worried I might go the same way.

Sidge Thu 16-Jul-09 20:25:02

I pay £32 for a session (more for the initial session as it takes longer). Worth every penny.

Laugs Thu 16-Jul-09 20:28:36

DH has a similar problem in upper back/ neck. He FINALLY saw a doctor about it a couple of years ago, after 12 years of suffering from it. She told him that if he'd put up with it for that long it obviously wasn't that bad!

She wouldn't refer him on the NHS.

However, I've just picked up a leaflet in our surgery today that says you can now self-refer for physiotherapy in our PCT. You may be able to do this in yours too? The number, in case it's a national one, is 0845 277 0922 - Physioline.

mummyloveslucy Thu 16-Jul-09 20:38:18

She dosn't sound like a very caring doctor. hmm I could say it's got worse.
I'll look in to that.
Has your husbands improved?

Laugs Thu 16-Jul-09 20:56:38

I know, I couldn't believe it. He is a typical man and would never go to the doctor about something unless it was really bothering him. She just dismissed it so easily.

It hasn't improved unfortunately.

Yeah, I'd say it's got worse if I were you.

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