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Diabetes? Should I be worried about this blood sugar reading?

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corriefan Thu 16-Jul-09 19:55:38

I have lost 2 stone since Christmas and although intentionally on a diet I have felt that it was a bit easier than I expected, especially recently.

I have also noticed I feel thirsty a lot, not desperately so, but kind of like a dry mouth feeling. I am also weeing a bit more and sometimes suddenly desperate to go.

My half sister is diabetic so this morning I tested my blood sugar. I'd eaten nothing before a toasted tea cake and butter at about 11 and she tested about 12.30. The results were 10.3 and 11. something and she said that was high. But then we tested about another hour to hour and a half later and it was 6.8.

Should I investigate this more or is it pretty normal? Thanks for any advice.

BlueBumedFly Thu 16-Jul-09 20:36:54

I had this when I lost 2.5 stone rapidly. It turned out my body could not cope with the rapidity and I was finally diagnosed igt - impaired glucose tollerance. I would get very shaky and have headaches a few hours after sugar products. It's all ok if I eat well, keep sugars low, keep proteins high, don't leave it too long between meals etc.

I would ask your gp for a fasting blood test which should give you a good indication. Maybe the weight loss has upset the balance a bit as it is fairly significant. Better to get checked out than worry as it will make the situation worse. Good luck

corriefan Fri 17-Jul-09 09:26:01

Thanks for that, it does sound similar. I feel a bit of a hypochondriac going to doctors if it turns out there's nothing wrong but I guess it's best to know!

Spidermama Fri 17-Jul-09 09:30:06

Sorry but I would investigate further. Normal blood sugar readings are between 4 and 7. Anything over this is above normal and could point to a problem with your insulin production.

You really need to get it checked out. The doctor won't see it as a waste of time at all. It's quick and easy to check.

I have a son who is T1 diabetic.

rosieposey Fri 17-Jul-09 09:40:15

I was diagnosed recently as a type 2 diabetic ( i had always had gestational diabetes in all of my pregnancies ) and my youngest is now 5 months.

I would say that your initial BG level was quite high ( i tested 11.4 after fasting overnight and thats how i was diagnosed as permanently diabetic as opposed to just gestational in a test when he was 6 weeks ) and if you tested again at approx 3 hours after your tea and bun then i would still think that is a little high - Spidermama is right, you may be having some problems with your insulin production and a GTT may be required (although they might just test with a ketostix initially) Good luck.

corriefan Fri 17-Jul-09 13:12:29

I have made an appointment, it's just I sometimes think I'm just a bit tired or haven't eaten enough / eaten too much but I suppose something did prompt me to get my sister to test me in the first place. Anyway, it's next week so we'll see. Thanks for the replies.

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