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Thank god I've got a great GP

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happymerryberries Thu 19-May-05 21:33:53

I am horrified by some of the threads that I read on MN about the poor doctors that some of you have to put up with.

I'm prompted to post tonight in praise of mine, who phoned me at 6.10 tonight to discuss an ongoing problem, which he has effectivly solved for me. He phoned me to save me the problems of having to make an appointment and a visit to the surgery.

Not only this, but he has always treated me and mine with the utmost respect in an equal relationship.

Makes me so damn relieved that I have such a great GP. Shame we can't clone him .

hunkermunker Thu 19-May-05 21:34:56

There are two out there at least - mine's a gem

But yes, totally shocked by the attitudes of some of them

RTKangaMummy Thu 19-May-05 21:35:35

Our one is DEFFO BRILL as well

tortoiseshell Thu 19-May-05 21:46:19

We are with a fab practice as well - no appointments, just drop in, have never had to wait longer than half an hour, usually only 10 min wait. Dd was home birth, and my GP came over the day after she was born to check her all over, and spent a good 15 mins or so chatting through how the birth had been, was I happy with it etc, was I pleased to have had a home birth, had it been how I hoped (which it was, entirely), and having checked dd and concluded she was perfect and beautiful, said 'You're clearly an excellent mum, no worries about you'.

Pruni Thu 19-May-05 21:49:29

Message withdrawn

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