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stop tobacco advertising to children

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nets Thu 16-Jul-09 11:06:00

The Scottish Government?s Tobacco and Primary Medical Services Bill aims to prevent children from smoking by stopping the visibility and availability of cigarettes to young people. If you support this aim, please think about writing to your MSP via the Scottish Coalition on Tobacco?s Campaign to Reduce Youth Smoking website.

One specific measure in the bill is the removal of promotional displays of cigarettes at the point of sale which will stop tobacco being promoted to children and young people every time they enter a shop. Until now, retailers have only heard from the tobacco industry. ASH Scotland wants them to hear from customers who don?t want cigarettes to have pride of place in their local shops. Find out more through the Pride of Place? campaign.

Thanks for reading!

Tamarto Thu 16-Jul-09 11:10:24

Children are not going to stop smoking because cigs are not in view in shops. hmm

All that will happen there is cause shop keepers a huge headache having to get rid of the displays etc.

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