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Is this doc losing his marbles?

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egypt Thu 16-Jul-09 00:05:34

So, my sister goes to the doctors, having felt ill for a few days with bad head, aching all over, extremely tired, anything she eats just goes through her; she has lost 4lbs in a few days, even her skin is sore. She cried in the surgery as she was feeling really ill and he said.......

you are depressed.

Erm - she has wine flu right?

egypt Thu 16-Jul-09 00:08:29

or even swine?!

ButterbeerAndLemon Thu 16-Jul-09 00:39:56

I wouldn't say it was necessarily swine flu but it certainly doesn't sound like depression. I'd be looking for a second opinion if I were her.

MumHadEnough Thu 16-Jul-09 00:48:29

Yeah me too, although wine flu sounds much better grin

thumbwitch Thu 16-Jul-09 00:51:48

I think the doc was transferring his own feelings onto your sis - how very dare she cry in his surgery!

Sounds more like a virus, whether or not wine swine flu.

Dozy git.

egypt Thu 16-Jul-09 01:20:36

Poor mite feels so deflated, and so incredibly ill she cannot being herself to go again!


ButterbeerAndLemon Thu 16-Jul-09 01:22:57

Are you nearby? Could you take her in and give them hell support her? Or help her call the out-of-hours doctor?

thumbwitch Thu 16-Jul-09 01:25:08

ring NHS direct - they might be useful.

egypt Thu 16-Jul-09 01:44:22

I'm in Singapore, she's in the UK. Mum is nearby.

Good idea about NHS Direct. Will tell mum.

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