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Femoral Hernias anyone?

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Sugarmagnolia Wed 15-Jul-09 07:55:10

Ok, i posted last week because I've had this pain in my left hip/groin for a few months now. I was panicking because I thought I could feel several lumps in the area and started googling “groin” & “lumps”. Dumb.

Went to see the GP who thinks it might possibly be a femoral hernia but didn't seem very sure. I've got an appointment with a consultant in a few weeks but wondering if anyone knows anything about this in mean time. My leg doesn't hurt at all when I walk/run/lift things, only when I move my leg in a way that involves turning the knee/hip joint in or out. The area also doesn't hurt at all when prodded. Does this sound like a hernia? If that's what it is, would I definitely need surgery?

Any ideas?

Sugarmagnolia Wed 15-Jul-09 13:48:49


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