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i`m having problems emptying my bladder and now my kidneys hurt.Any ideas.

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shamefulx Tue 14-Jul-09 22:46:01

I had a repair of a rectocele years ago but since then had another child.
I was told following a long and difficult 3rd delivery i had a cystocele rectocele and uterine prolapse requiring repair and total hysterectomy.
I declined the operation 4 years ago as i wasn`t really bothered by it and didn`t want a hysterectomy at the time.
Its been taking me longer and longer to empty my bladder over the years.
Now i have to push and sort of bare down to empty it .
At night i wake up with pain in my right kidney and i go to the toilet to relieve it a little. Following emptying my bladder i get a pain in my bladder up to my kidney.
Its definatley worse at night and in the morning when i seem to wee lots .
I have noticed an improvement with having the patience to empty my bladder properly, but this can take ages .
I dont have an infection btw as i have sent a specimen off and regularly test my urine at work.
Has anyone had similar please as its getting quite worried and the kidney pain is esp. worrying at night x

Sugarmagnolia Wed 15-Jul-09 07:51:31

i hate to state the obvious - but go see your doctor

shamefulx Wed 15-Jul-09 12:10:35

I will but i`ll just get referred on and it will take yonks so just wondered if anyone on here has had similar.

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