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Duggie Tue 14-Jul-09 21:14:59

I gave birth to dd 5 mths ago and whilst pg and twice since giving birth a rib has "popped" out of joint. It is excruciating and leaves me in severe pain and unable to lift the baby or anything. I cant lie down, cant drive etc and am sooooo fed up. Has any1 else had this/heard of this? I have seen a chiropractor to manipulated the joint back into place but another rib (adjacent rib) popped out weeks later. I have been breastfeeding but am slowly weaning off b/f onto formula. Any help/tips/advice appreciated please xx

steph101 Wed 15-Jul-09 20:41:43

Go to your GP. I had a tumor that grew inside my rib in the bonemarrow and it was horrific so I understand!, and with it being your ribs it effects you in every way. They are the one thing you can not strap up or stop bloody moving (unless you die grin ). Seriously thou its just so painful and I sympathise. I have never heard of a rib popping out as they are not connected to a joint other than thru muscles so you may need to get specialist help. Good luck xxx

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