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Is it thrush? Sorry if TMI!

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jofeb04 Thu 19-May-05 12:01:37

Im 21 weeks pregnant with my 2nd, and have suffered with severe pains in my pelvis (so much its hard to walk up the stairs or to far etc).
Im having a white discharge (been told this is a sympton of thrush), and am in agony with the itchness etc. Its even waking me up through the night. Its been untreated, as still trying to get doctors appointment!! Ive had a sample taken of my urine, and its not a water infection. Is the pain im in connected, or just because of the pregnancy. I never felt this pain till much later on in my first.

Kelly1978 Thu 19-May-05 12:03:30

Agonising itchyness def sounds like thrush, pelvic pain is prob pg related - both are quite common in pg.

Kelly1978 Thu 19-May-05 12:04:52

u can get a pessary for treatment from the chemists, it is safe in pg, u just have to be careful with the applicator.

jofeb04 Thu 19-May-05 12:10:11

Thx for that. I thought it was, went to chemists this morning, but they wernt willing to give me anything without seeing a doctor first!! At least i can have a perscription for it!!

Lonelymum Thu 19-May-05 12:10:58

Itchiness and white thick discharge? I remember it well and yes it is thrush. The treatment is better than manna from heaven.

moschops Fri 20-May-05 16:09:49

i had the itching and an awful burning sensation, it was waking me up through the night too. (i never really had much discharge though)

i did find that smothering my bits in natural yoghurt gave me relief until i saw my midwife who prescribed me Canesten duo.........that cleared it up in two days.

starshaker Fri 20-May-05 16:12:49

i had thrush with dd and i had a lot of pain that they said was conected to thrush.

i found going to bed with a cold damp cloth between my legs let me get some sleep until i could go to docs

Lonelymum Fri 20-May-05 16:15:09

Vinegar is another short term solution alongside natural yoghurt. Trouble is, you smell of vinegar after you have washed your bits with it. I still think of the terrible time I had thrush whenever I smell vinegar and it was 20 years ago!

Louise1980 Fri 20-May-05 16:17:06

Cant you speak to midwife or practice nurse? They mite could get you a prescription without seing the doc. Thats what I did.

natts Fri 20-May-05 16:23:51

tell your midwife about both. pelvic pain could be psd, i can't spell, pubis synphysis disorder.where the legaments loosen the bones in the pelvis rub and knock. can be v painful, especially at night turning in bed and any time legs are not together. like walking up stairs etc.

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