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Come and talk to me about Contaception, in particular the Coil in regards to helping PMS.

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TitsalinaBumsquash Mon 13-Jul-09 13:03:17

I just have to pop out but want to leave this for you all to ponder and possibly help.

During my period i yurn in a screaming, crying, foul, spotty monster. My poor kids and DP get me shrieking at everything for about 4 days once a month.

I simply can't have any other sort of contraception, pills, injections, implants are all off the table i have tried so many and they all leave me bleeding constantly and really ill.

Im usin Condoms which are fine for contraception but not helping the PMT.

My GP gave me some Progesterone (sp?) which made my hair greasy, my face errupt into pimples and made me more moody.

She then suggested a coil.

I want to know is it going to help? Will it make me blled all the time? Will it make me fat?

I can't go on like i am, since DS2 has been born, for one week a month i am just not functioning, i am in agony and i sweat like mad which normal deoderant doesn't work for so i also stink, my hair goes greasy and i get spotty and foul tempered.

Also if anyone has some quick fiz solutions to help me now would be great to snything i can eat/drink or do to stop me biting peoples faces off.

Please help or advise. TIA

TitsalinaBumsquash Mon 13-Jul-09 13:03:56

Sorry should read i TURN INTO not i yurn. blush

Chaotica Tue 14-Jul-09 12:07:08

Nice name btw.

What kind of coil? Mirena might help pmt but it has progestin in and may give you pmt all the time. Can't see how other coil could help with pmt but it would work as a hormone free contraception.

wigglybeezer Tue 14-Jul-09 19:09:11

I had raging PMT too, got a mirena coil and then had what seemed like constant mild depresion instead, but I stuck with it as it helped with some physical symptoms (like painful varicose veins and heavy periods). after about 18 months my body seemed to get used to it and now I feel pretty good, no periods either, good sex drive, I can tell roughly where I am in my cycle because, occassionally, I feel a teeny bit PMTish but VERy mild.

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