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taking a premmy newborn to a party?

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itchyandscratchy Sun 12-Jul-09 22:23:00

big bbq adults party
baby 3 weeks old and was 4 weeks prem.
emergency c-s due to pre-eclampsia.

my friend (above) has told us all she'll be at the party to show us the baby. I think she's being very unrealistic and am worried that it's all too much.

do I just belt up and just see her at the party?
or speak to her beforehand and advise her to stay at home? It;s none of my business i spose...

I think she's in denial a bit - desperately wants to show the baby off and doesn't want to miss out on our friend's party. Not to be alarmist or anything as well but the party's in an area that has had swine flu - local school closed last week, etc.

I think it's MADNESS. am I just being an old control freaky boot? genuinely worried though that she's not come to terms with having the baby.

tearinghairout Sun 12-Jul-09 22:26:35

Personally I would keep out of it - she's an adult & must make her own decisions. You could gently point out the cons but don't harp on - she won't thank you for interfering.

itchyandscratchy Sun 12-Jul-09 22:28:52

yes you're prob right. I'll keep my fat nose out!

tearinghairout Sun 12-Jul-09 22:29:47

Meant to add that your post comes across as caring, and the voice of experience. You're just concerned for her & the baby. But she must be allowed to make her own decisions otherwise you'll sound like her mother & she'll want to defy you!

Ewe Sun 12-Jul-09 22:30:45

It's her decision to make. My DD was in NICU for a week immediately after she was born and I had an emCS.

A week after she was discharged I took her to a friends birthday party - only stayed for an hour and a half but I was feeling fine and DD was absolutely fine and I wanted to get my life feeling a bit more normal and see my friends after a crazy week spent mainly speaking to medical professionals. A child isn't typically released from hospital if they can't be out in public!

Best just to keep out of it imo.

AitchTwoOh Sun 12-Jul-09 22:31:41

it's MADNESS but it's her baby, you control freaky old boot. smile

AitchTwoOh Sun 12-Jul-09 22:34:26

my dd was born early, i took her out and about although covered up in sling, wouldn't have done so with swine flu on the go tbh.

itchyandscratchy Sun 12-Jul-09 22:35:08


yes, will defo shut up. Have to allow her the chance to be able to look back on this time and laugh at how mental she was.

I was proper bonkers ater I'd had dd1. Some of the things I did...hmm

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